Nutanix Interview Questions

Is it time for your Nutanix interview? Do you need Nutanix interview questions? You can stop here. The MindMajix content team has developed the top 30 Nutanix interview questions and answers to assist Nutanix aspirants. You can find the Nutanix interview questions in this blog, along with the Nutanix interview process, tips to crack the Nutanix interview, their leadership principles, and FAQs. If you thoroughly study through these topics, acing your Nutanix interview will be a piece of cake.

Nutanix is a US-based cloud computing company that provides its clients with a wide array of cloud services worldwide. This company uniquely provides cloud services as an integrated solution by binding computing, storage, and virtualization. Nutanix is a company that employs thousands of people to offer delightful cloud solutions to their clients.

Every year, Nutanix hires a large number of candidates. If you wish to work at Nutanix, you must have a solid understanding of cloud computing as well as core computer science fundamentals. Besides, you should be proficient in modern programming languages.

If you are familiar with Nutanix interview questions, cracking your Nutanix interview will be easy. This blog contains the top 30 Nutanix interview questions and answers, in addition to the Nutanix interview process and a lot along the way. All these topics will undoubtedly assist you in acing the Nutanix interview in a single shot.

Let’s get on board!

Nutanix Interview Questions - Table of Contents

Top 10 Frequently Asked Nutanix Interview Questions

  1. Describe virtualization.
  2. What exactly is the role of a locator in Selenium?
  3. Explain the TestNG
  4. Why do we use linspace in NumPy?
  5. What exactly is a spanning tree?
  6. What are the various levels of cloud storage?
  7. What is the use of cloud monitoring?
  8. What are the limitations of the Selenium Web Driver?
  9. Compare the MAC address and IP address.
  10. How to handle Git merge conflicts?

Nutanix Interview Process

  • Coding Round

In this first round, you need to write codes for around two to three problems in this round. You must take this test through an online platform like HackerRank. This interview could run for more than two hours.

  • Debugging Round

In this round, you must solve the logical problems associated with the given questions.

For example, you might be given a reader-writer problem with some logical errors. You need to discover and correct the logical flaws in the codes.

Another example is when a Java program uses synchronization to read many files using many threads. This scenario might trigger many logical errors. You must locate and rectify the logical errors in the codes.

So clearing the above two rounds entirely depends on the level of your coding expertise.

  • Technical Round

This is the face-to-face part of the Nutanix interview. The interview team will ask technical questions on various computer science topics. The topics may include cloud computing, DBMS, operating systems, computer networks, etc. So you must prepare and be confident enough to answer the technical questions clearly.

Most of the time, interviewers tailor questions based on individuals and job roles. So you must be familiar with the skills required for the position you are being interviewed for.

The interviewers may ask questions based on the information provided in your profile. They may inquire about your experience, milestones, previous projects, etc. You will easily breeze through this round if you have polished your technical expertise.

  • HR interview

This is the last, but not the least, round. You must give this round the equal weight that you have provided to previous rounds. Throughout this round, the HR team will ask questions about your family background, career aspirations, strengths and shortcomings, and other abilities. They will ensure that you are a good cultural fit for Nutanix.

Moreover, the team will assess your interest in Nutanix by asking company’s mission and other core principles. Before attending the interview, you should have done some preliminary research about the company.

The team may ask about your readiness to work in shifts, relocate, and so forth. So you must be ready to provide accurate answers to these questions.

Nutanix Technical Interview Questions

If you want to ace the Nutanix technical interview, you must be well-versed in cloud computing and core computer science fundamentals. If you go through the top 30 Nutanix interview questions and answers developed by the MindMajix content team, you can easily nail your Nutanix interview.

The team has sorted the Nutanix technical interview questions and answers into two categories – freshers and experienced. You can navigate to the appropriate section based on your level of knowledge.

  • Nutanix Interview Questions For Freshers
  • Nutanix Interview Questions For Experienced

Nutanix Interview Questions For Freshers

1. Describe virtualization.

Virtualization is the process of creating resources such as servers, operating systems, and storage devices virtually. It allows the running of multiple operating systems on a single server. We can use hardware resources to their full potential. As a result, we can greatly boost resource efficiency and cut costs.

For instance, consider that we have three servers that operate mail, web, and legacy applications separately. Each of these servers will have its own operating system and other necessary hardware. With virtualization, we can reduce the three servers to a single one. Therefore, we can put the other two servers for other purposes.

2. List a few Linux commands.

A few Linux commands are listed below.

IsWe use this command to display the contents of a directory.
AliasWe use this command to define temporary aliases.
PwdIt refers to the ‘print working directory’ and provides the absolute path of the directory.
UnaliasThis command assists in the removal of aliases from the defined aliases.
CpThis command is helpful for copying folders and files.
CdIt refers to ‘change directory’, which helps to change directories.

3. What do you mean by the OutOfMemoryError exception in Java?

This error is thrown when there is not sufficient space in the Java heap to store objects. Also, when there is inadequate native memory to load Java classes, this error is thrown.

Furthermore, this error is also thrown when the garbage collector takes a long time to free the memory, but only a small amount of memory space is freed.

4. What exactly is the role of a locator in Selenium?

In Selenium, a locator assists in identifying HTML elements on a web page. In other words, they help determine a web page's elements, such as buttons, text boxes, etc.

There are eight types of locators: CSS ID, name attribute, CSS class name, DOM structure, partial link text, link text, tag name, and HTML tag name.

5. Name a few annotations used in TestNG.

There are a total of ten annotations used in TestNG. Below is a list of them.

6. Explain the TestNG

TestNG is one of the powerful automation frameworks. Here, NG represents the Next Generation. This framework overcomes the shortcomings of JUnit. It allows for conducting software testing effortlessly.

This framework generates extensive test reports, including test cases that passed, skipped, or failed. It enables the execution of multiple test cases on various browsers. Besides, we can easily integrate TestNG with Jenkins, TestNG Maven, etc.

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7. What are the types of XPath?

There are two types of XPath – absolute path and relative path.

  • Absolute XPath:

With this XPath, we can directly find a web element on a web page. Note that if we make any XPath changes, it will no longer work normally.

  • Relative XPath:

This path begins in the middle of the HTML DOM structure. With this XPath, we can detect elements anywhere on a web page.

8. Mention the different types of assertions used in Selenium.

There are two types of assertions used in Selenium, as follows:

  • Hard Assertion
  • Soft Assertion

In hard assertion, if any assertion fails, it terminates the entire test case execution instantly. But if we want to continue the execution, then we need to use the soft assertion.

Know that there are many hard assertions, such as assetEquals, assertNull, assertTrue, assertNotNull, assertNotEquals, and assertFalse.

9. Why do we use linspace in NumPy?

Linspace is one of the built-in functions that we use in Python’s NumPy library. We use this function to create equally-spaced numbers in the given interval.

We must specify the starting point and end point of the interval. Also, we need to specify the total number of breakpoints in this function.

10. State the functions of operating systems.

An operating system serves many purposes. Here are a few examples.

  • It secures data through password protection techniques
  • It monitors the utilization of resources.
  • It tracks the overall health of the system closely.
  • It manages compilers, assemblers, interpreters, and other resources effectively.
  • It identifies errors in systems instantly and avoids system failures.

11. What is the use of the DCL language in SQL?

DCL is the short form of Data Control Language. We use DCL to restrict user access to databases. It means that we use DCL commands to allow users to either access or revoke data from databases.

The DCL language has two commands:  REVOKE and GRANT

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12. In Java, Define method overloading.

In method loading in Java, two or more methods will have the same name. But they will have different types of parameters or many parameters. Sometimes, the methods may have both types of parameters and numbers. Furthermore, method overloading improves the readability of a program.

13. What exactly is a spanning tree?

It is a type of undirected connected graph. A spanning tree has all vertices but a few possible edges. In simple words, it is a subgraph of an undirected connected graph without missing a single vertex.

14. What do you understand by booting into computer systems?

It is the process that begins when a computer boots up. The booting process includes initiating the system hardware and loading the operating system into RAM.

It checks the system hardware by running a set of small codes stored in the ROM. The operating system is subsequently loaded into RAM so that the computer can perform further tasks. If any issue is found in the hardware during the booting process, it will throw errors.

Furthermore, the small codes or the small set of instructions are known as BIOS. Here, BIOS stands for Basic Input and Output System.

15. Briefly describe command-line arguments in C.

These are the arguments that are specified on the system’s command line. In other words, we pass these arguments into the main function. As a result, we can dramatically cut the length of codes. These arguments are passed to programs during the program execution.

The main thing about these arguments is that we can control programs from outside.

Nutanix Interview Questions For Experienced

16. Outline the merits of cloud computing.

  • Agility

We can handle resources on the cloud platform with ease. It enables rapid innovation and product development.

  • Quick Deployment

We can swiftly deploy resources on the cloud platform. Mainly, it minimizes latency as well as enhances the user experience.

  • Elasticity

We can instantly scale up and down resources based on business demands. It aids in utilizing resources optimally and reduces costs hugely.

  • Mobility

Users can access applications and data deployed in the cloud from anywhere in the world. Mainly, employees who are constantly moving can benefit from the cloud facility.  

  • Security

Cloud computing offers excellent security for the data that we store in the cloud. We can avoid data theft in remarkable ways inside and outside the premises.

17. Write Python code to reverse a linked list.

18. What are the various levels of cloud storage?

  • Files

They are nothing but data collection. In files, data is saved in the same format. We use files in directories, development platforms, and repositories. Folders house files.

  • Datasets

They are collections of data in table form.

  • Blocks

They store a large volume of data themselves. Blocks are kept on hard drives.

  • Objects

Data, its metadata, as well as identifiers are organized as web-based resources. Objects are usually stored in repositories. So we can scale them smoothly.

19. Create a C++ code that converts a ternary expression to a binary tree.

20. What is the use of cloud monitoring?

 It is a lightweight software program with which we can monitor what is happening in the cloud. So we can keep a close eye on the health of cloud servers and other resources deployed in a cloud architecture.

Know that there are many aspects of cloud monitoring, such as website monitoring, database monitoring, virtual machine monitoring, virtual network monitoring, and cloud storage monitoring.

21. Write a JavaScript program that will determine the shortest path through an unweighted graph.

22. What are the limitations of the Selenium Web Driver?

Following are a few limitations of the Selenium Web Driver.

  • Developers must have sound programming skills to design test cases.
  • We need to build different modules.
  • We cannot perform cross-platform tests.
  • We cannot test Windows-based applications using the Selenium Web Driver.
  • Test maintenance is usually time-consuming.
  • The test reports don’t reveal much information.

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23. Contrast: overloading and overriding in Java.

It implements compile-time polymorphism.It makes use of runtime polymorphism.
It happens between the methods in the same class.It happens between superclasses as well as subclasses.
We can identify errors only at compile time.We can identify errors only at runtime.
It doesn’t permit inheritance.It permits inheritance.
This approach employs static binding.This approach employs dynamic binding.
It performs poorly because of compile-time polymorphism.It performs better because of runtime polymorphism.

24. In Selenium, What is the difference between a linktext and a partial linktext locator?

We use a linktext locator to locate elements on a web page. It means the linktext locator matches the text inside an anchor tag.

A partial linktext locator, on the other hand, uses only a portion of text to locate elements on a web page. It means no exact string match takes place to locate elements on a web page. This locator matches the text inside an anchor tag partially.

25. Compare the MAC address and IP address.

IP AddressMAC Address
IP is the short form of Internet Protocol.MAC is the short form for Media Access Control.
It is a four-byte or sixteen-byte hexadecimal address.It is a four-byte hexadecimal address.
It is the logical address of a computer.It is the physical address of a computer.
It works at the network layer.It works at the datalink layer.
We can use IP addresses for broadcasting as well as multicasting.We can use MAC addresses for broadcasting.

26. How can you skip a TestNG test during execution?

We can skip running a testNG test in the following ways:

  • While running tests, we can use the parameter ‘enabled=false’. And by default, this argument is set to ‘true’.
  • We can use a condition check. If the condition is met, then the test throws a ‘SkipException’ and skips the test.
  • If we wish to skip a test, we can use the below command.

27. Create a program to multiply two bitwise operators.

28. How to handle Git merge conflicts?

  • First, we need to open the Git file. Then we must perform the necessary changes.
  • After that, we must use the 'git add' command so that we can stage the newly merged content.
  • Next, we can use the command ‘git commit’, to create a new commit
  • As the final step, Git generates a new merge commit.

Know that Git check out, Git diff, and Git reset are a few other git commands that we can use to resolve merge conflicts.

29. Create a program to print a matrix in a spiral sequence.

30. How is a trigger different from a view?

A trigger is a special procedure or function. It is automatically executed in response to events. The events can be data manipulation statements such as DELETE, INSERT, and UPDATE. A trigger works based on the event-condition-action rule. It means whenever an event occurs, a specific condition is tested. If the condition is met, then there will be definite action.

In its most basic form, a view is a virtual table. A virtual table shows the data from numerous tables. We can only view the data but not modify it. It is important to note that databases store a ‘view definition query’, but they don't store the contents of a view.

Nutanix FAQs

1. How many rounds of interviews do I have to go through at Nutanix?

At Nutanix, you must go through four rounds of interviews.

2. Why should I work at Nutanix?

Nutanix is a company that offers several services in cloud computing. When it comes to cloud computing, it is a technology that many companies across the globe are increasingly using. If you are hired, you will have an assured career in the future.

3. Is the Nutanix interview tough to crack?

No, if you are familiar with cloud computing and core computer concepts, you will breeze through the Nutanix interview. Simply put, it depends on your efforts in interview preparation.

4. What are the four rounds of Nutanix interviews?

The four rounds of Nutanix interviews are coding, technical, debugging, and HR.

5. What are the most challenging questions in the Nutanix interview?

The coding, debugging, and technical round questions may come up with a few tough ones. However, if you have done your homework better, you will breeze through them effortlessly.

6. What are the tricky questions asked in the Nutanix interview?

In the technical and HR rounds, interviewers will pose situational and behavioral questions to gauge your attitude and managerial qualities. So you need to be careful while answering these types of questions.

7. What is the compensation range for software professionals in Nutanix?

Nutanix offers about 15 LPA to candidates with 3-4 years of experience.

8. How will I get selected for Nutanix?

You must go through four rounds of interviews in Nutanix, including coding, debugging, technical interviews, and an HR interview.

Nutanix Leadership Principles

Principles drive people consistently toward their goals. On that note, Nutanix leaders devised a few principles to drive their teams to boost their performance to greater heights and yield excellent business outcomes.

Understanding the Nutanix leadership principles will help to ace your Nutanix interview.

Let’s go over them one by one.

  • Encouraging Priority

Nutanix leadership insists their teams and individuals prioritize every task they do. They urge teams to be clear about a few elements before beginning any task, such as why the task is needed, how to execute it, and what the outcomes will be. They believe that this approach will considerably improve the use of energy, resources, and time.

  • Disagreeing Openly

The leaders of Nutanix provide their teams the flexibility to disagree with things they are uncomfortable with openly. Simply put, they don't encourage indirect resistance to something they disagree with.

  • Driving customer focus

They strongly believe customer success is the lifeblood of the business. So they motivate teams to delight customers by offering maximum service. They strictly follow the principle that the underserved customers are being responded to by teams with priority.

  • Accelerating learning first

The Nutanix leaders encourage their teams to learn fast. To achieve this, they advise that the teams should attempt first, fail first, and finally learn first.

  • Leveraging empathy

This is yet another leadership principle that Nutanix leaders adhere to seriously. They reveal that empathy is one of the crucial aspects that their teams should adopt to offer the finest customer experience.

  • Employing the incremental approach

We all know that success doesn’t happen overnight. On that note, Nutanix leaders advise their teams and employees to think big but achieve their goals incrementally. In short, you must start small and end up big. That’s the critical mantra they openly reveal to their teams.

Tips to crack the Nutanix interview

Technical stuff alone will not get you through an interview. You must learn to face the Nutanix interview with a good attitude, presentation, and CV, among other things.

The following are a few pointers that will help you crack your Nutanix interview best.

Let’s learn them!

Tip #1: Display your skills

When it comes to any interview, every candidate will attend the interview after honing their knowledge to a certain level of confidence. But what makes you different or outstanding among the crowd is the key factor. So while attending the Nutanix interview, you must highlight the areas where you are strong, unique, or have made achievements. You need to discuss with interviewers the milestones that you have come across in your career or academics.

Tip #2: Research the company and role thoroughly

It is highly crucial that you attend the interview only after doing extensive research on Nutanix. Interviewers will ask questions about the company to ensure you are genuinely interested. So you must be ready to answer any questions about Nutanix.

           In addition, you must have thoroughly researched the role you applied for. You must be aware of the talents required for that role. Mainly, you must brush up on your technical knowledge and coding skills based on the role. It will simplify your journey toward getting hired by Nutanix.

Tip #3: Be energetic and positive

It is worth noting that you must throw energy into every answer that you give to the interview team. You must overwhelm interviewers with stellar answers. You must show a positive attitude and approach toward your career and life. Even if you are confronted with unexpected situations or tricky questions, you should maintain your cool and answer positively. No doubt, this approach will impress the interviewers.

Tip #4: Tailor your answers

It is critical that you do not respond to questions with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers. You also shouldn’t stretch your answers for too long. You must tailor your answers to the specific question posed. In other words, you should shorten or stretch your answers based on the requirements.

Tip #5: Craft your questions

At the end of every Nutanix interview, you will be given a chance to ask a few questions to the interviewers. You can ask questions about the company culture, career growth opportunities, relocation, etc. Make this a chance to showcase your interest in the company by crafting thoughtful questions. Besides, it will help you make the right decision if you get the job offer.


          To conclude, we hope this blog has provided you with helpful insights into how to ace the Nutanix interview effortlessly. The Nutanix interview questions and answers and other topics may have boosted your confidence to attend the Nutanix interview. However, you must keep learning to hone your technical expertise.           

If you wish to groom your technical knowledge by taking online courses, sign up with MindMajix and get a certification. It will be a huge step for you to reach the finish line quickly.

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