Earning Big Money With AWS Certification

While certifications do not always guarantee a competency, holding an AWS Certification may result in higher pay and additional job prospects. This article discusses the advantages of being an AWS certified professional and addresses some often asked questions about the value of AWS certification.

Introducing AWS

Are you aware that Cloud Computing is being adopted rapidly by significant organizations as it offers extensive and varied services relating to networking, analytics, databases, management, and computing tools? These are the services provided over the internet, and among the cloud products, Amazon Web Services(AWS) are the top-rated globally. 

AWS offers extensive support for various environments and is growing in acceptance among several organizations due to its features like vast scaling, high computing power, most secure and reliable services at a low cost. The performance of AWS is steady and predictable. Setting up AWS is very fast and can be scaled with ease. AWS auto-scaling does not incur any additional cost to the organizations.

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Amazon Web Services

Web applications, Batch processes, and back-end processing pipelines can be a migration to the AWS cloud services unleashes the limitless expansion of these services.

Not just the luring pay, AWS provides many other benefits

Beginning the quest for a high-paid job, well you are at the right place. What does a professional expect today? A secure position with an excellent package and advanced work process. AWS is deemed to guarantee all of it. It's estimated that AWS certified professional earns about 15 lakhs per annum. The future is full of cloud services, and AWS is the global leader in the Cloud services provider with its reach increasing exponentially.

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Do you need to be AWS certified?

Learning new technology is not enough.  Excelling the same is the point of concern. Training can be completed by any professional but getting evaluated for the same requires consistent practice and thorough expertise. It observed that obtaining a certification shows the level of efficiency and speed are far more and are less likely to commit errors saving plenty of time for the companies employing them. According to Forbes AWS professionals are the top paid, and most of them are showing interest in getting their skills validated as it improves their capability and performance. At the same time helps colleagues and clients to know one's area and level of expertise for future endeavors.

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Tools and SDKs supported by AWS

Several SDKs and Tools are included to facilitate developers in scripting and to code swiftly. They come from a varied set of environments as shown below.

SDKsIoT Device SDKsMobile SDKsCommand-line toolsIDE toolkitsAWS Developer ToolsAdditional Resources
JavaScript, Python, PHP, .net,
Ruby, Java, Go, Node.js, C++
JavaScript, Embedded C, Arduino Yun, Java, Python, C++iOS, Android, React Native, Mobile WebAWS CLI, PowerShell Tools,
Amazon ECS CLI, Amazon EC2 AMI Tools, AWS Elastic Beanstalk CLI, AWS Mobile CLI
Eclipse, Visual StudioAWS CodeCommit,
AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline
Sample Code, Legacy Tools, Forums, AWS Answers

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Certification Categories

They are segmented as role-based certifications and specialty certifications. The foundation certification is the initial stage and the Speciality certification being advanced receives more welcome amongst the employers.

AWS Certification Categories


These role-based categories as the name indicate designed according to the level of expertise in operations carried by the professional.

  • Certified cloud (Practitioner) is the foundational certification and mandates for the role of Cloud Practitioner and an optional for Architect, Developer, and Operations.
  • Certified solutions (Architect) has two levels Associate and Professional for the role of Architect.
  • Certified (Developer and Operations Engineer) designed as a professional front for Developers.
  • Certified (Developer) is at the Associate level.
  • Certified Systems and Operations Administrator is at the Associate level.
 AWS Certified Cloud (practitioner)AWS certification as Solutions (Architect)

AWS certified (Development and Operations Engineer)

AWS certified (Developer)AWS certification of Systems and Operations (Administrator)
Professional YESYES  
Associate YES YESYES

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Specialty Certifications

For Specialty certifications, the professionals are mandated to receive one of the roles-based certifications. These are advanced courses specific to domain implementation.

  • AWS Certified Advanced(Networking) for professionals who perform complicated networking tasks.
  • AWS Certified Big Data for professionals expert in high-level significant data analysis.

AWS Certification

Industry treats Certification as a standard

  • This shows the professional has a solid base.
  • A perfect measure to validate my skill set.
  • Not a tedious process when compared to getting years of education.
  • Boost one's career and earn him credibility amongst peers.
  • Adding in a resume makes him a potential competitor.

Cross-Certification with AWS

Acquiring Cross-certifications or multiple certifications with AWS is a growing trend these days as operations in several companies are carried on various clouds. To be on par with the evolving technology and maintain the knowledge levels, obtaining certification has become a mandate.

It helps to improve expertise and to understand the leads and lacks the cloud technology employed. These professionals are getting validated in many areas of system roles, app development, and infrastructure. They receive more payoff than others dealing with vast and varied systems where the cost of neglect is considerably high.


 Facilities provided to professionals on receiving certification from AWS 

AWS certified professional gets access to AWS Certified LinkedIn Community and is allowed the use of AWS Certified Logo on his profile. Professional is permitted to practice upcoming AWS Certification Exams for free. Get invited to AWS Summit events and AWS Certification lounges. Digital badges are provided for validation by employers or Colleagues. 

Learn according to your convenience and with ease

  • Choose from Digital or classroom training that suits your need.
  • Learn at your pace.
  • Option to choose language and skill level. 
  • Extensive support is provided 24x7.
  • Online reference content with several answers by experts.
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Futuristic Appeal

These Amazon Web Services certifications are the standard metrics to evaluate the level of expertise and getting some of these will undoubtedly add value to the resume and help in achieving individual marks from a salary perspective. Not just providing a large package is the only achievement but also attain a consistent increase in the same can be witnessed in the upcoming years. 

Cloud services will gradually overtake the traditional deployment and maintenance of server systems with AWS playing the lead. The choice of career with the support of AWS certification will undoubtedly place the professional in the profit zone.

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