Why AWS Has Gained Popularity?


While there exist several cloud computing platforms offering flexibility, scalability, computing, content delivery, storage, and security aspects. Globally fortune 500 companies, consumers, and businesses prefer using AWS as the most trusted and preferred computing service as it has a plethora of comprehensive solutions and options.  Amazon has an all-time smashing revenue record of $17.459 billion as per the year 2017 with a massive 43% hike in just a year’s time.

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AWS is a combination of multiple cloud computing infrastructures offering innovative products and services. It has captured the global market in spite of the fierce competition. It provides business solutions in the areas of servers, networking, remote computing services with endless boundaries. AWS is divided into two major components EC2, S3, and Amazon storage system. It has extended its boundaries across 12 global regions. Some of the most significant reason for AWS success is its simplicity, scalability, security, cost-effective solutions to deploy AWS. 
AWS entered into the market in 2006 as a cloud storage system and captured the markets by expanding into the cloud computing platform which uses a combination of Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) offerings. Amazon is way ahead in terms of developing, testing, and implementing cloud services. It’s a more successful and more viable cloud computing platform. 
Another reason for its unparalleled success is its continuous innovations and launching of new services and products which cater to the growing demands of the market and users. Some of its new upcoming business solutions and services include Amazon Aurora, Amazon Chime, Amazon Cloud Watch,  Amazon elastic file system, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Amazon Glue, Amazon Lambda, and so on.  
While the big tycoons in the cloud infrastructure services are Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and Google. Amazon aims to hit potential markets including SMEs, corporates, and startups with its never-ending innovation in the cloud space. AWS captured 31% of the cloud market share and is expected to reach heights in the coming years. AWS offers flexible functionalities, strengthens its agility, and provides endless customization options which are the most significant factors behind its huge success.

Let's See Some of the Key Factors for AWS Success:

Cost Savings

It's unpredictable when a business's storage requirements fluctuate. The difference in the estimated and the actual storage needs must be flexible. In AWS you have the flexibility to scale up or down which means only pay for what you use. The concept of cloud computing is to remove the hassle of physical servers and move them to the cloud computing platform. 
Ideally, a business needs a huge storage space to save and maintain its data. AWS offers customizable storage solutions which can be scaled up or down depending on the requirement. It implies you need not pay for what you don’t need. You need not sign up for expensive contracts.
You pay for what you need. It’s that simple. AWS doesn’t charge you heavily for the unexpected surge in the need for storage. Depending on the requirement AWS users have the flexibility to scale their storage as per their needs. Amazon is offering very cost affordable cloud solutions so that it can be deployed from small business to big business.

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Scalable and Adaptable

AWS offers scalability and very flexible solutions based on the user's needs. It offers the same products and services from SMEs to giant corporates. AWS provides the required infrastructure and tools for setting up the cloud for companies. AWS offers business solutions at affordable prices with low migration costs so that your current cloud infrastructure can be seamlessly migrated to AWS. As the business expands, AWS provides all the necessary resources needed for the expansion. You can be relaxed with AWS. 

Security and Reliability

We have seen the huge success of AWS and it's undeniably the most trusted and secure cloud computing service provider.  AWS has a global presence and data centers spread across the markets. Security remains its uncompromised aspect which is very stringently monitored and maintained. 

AWS has spread across continents, but it has a reliable centralized data backup. Globally several businesses and organizations are switching to Cloud Computing for hassle-free operations and improved productivity. AWS is the new smart choice at affordable pricing. 
AWS allows seamless integration and performance in spite of its extended boundaries across continents. AWS is proactive which means that it watches out for issues even before they arise. AWS monitors using Amazon CloudWatch which alerts us about unusual activities. Being proactive helps monitor performance for hassle-free operations in the long run. 
The data centers located across the globe are fully secured and free from intrusions. Any sign of threat is quickly identified and resolved at the earliest be it either an SME or a big corporate. AWS Marketplace is gearing at a fast pace and being a most preferred cloud service provider as a business, consumers, and SMEs opt to have improved parameters such as security, data backup, and proactive monitoring from third-party business solution providers.

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Amazon Web Services remains top-notch, besides being the most popular cloud computing platform. In spite of the fierce competition, AWS has secured its place, positioning itself as the top 10 cloud computing providers. AWS offers many flexible features and options which has gained millions of satisfied customers globally. 
AWS continues to remain the most preferred cloud computing which is designed as per the customer requirements and is perfectly customizable to their specific  IT environment.
AWS is a suite of computing services that together host cloud computing infrastructure are provided by Amazon. The most popular services offered by AWS are Amazon EC2 and  Amazon S3. AWS makes life way easier by removing the hurdles faced in legacy hosting solutions.

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