Amazon Kinesis and Its Use

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What is Amazon Kinesis?

Amazon Kinesis is mostly used to collect, analyze and process real-time that can easily stream the data to get new information and timely insights quickly. it mainly delivers the key capabilities to cost-effectively process streaming data at any scale with high flexibility modules. It is to choose the right best-suited tool for the applications in a reliable manner. One can easily consume real-time data like application log, IoT telemetry data, websites clickstreams and more into the databases, data warehouse, data lakes and to build real-time applications using data.

Amazon Kinesis is here to get enable the process and analyze data shortly after arrival itself and responds in real time instead of having to wait till the data is collected before the process has begun only. It is highly scalable and the support for the proof-of-concept or else evaluation.

1. Real-Time: Amazon Kinesis enables you to ingest, buffer and process data in real-time. One can easily derive insights in just a few seconds or else minutes.

2. Fully Managed: Amazon Kinesis can easily run the streaming applications and can be fully managed without any requirement of infrastructure management.

3. Scalable: Amazon Kinesis can easily handle any amount of streaming data and can easily process data from thousands of sources with a low level of latencies.

               Amazon Kinesis Architecture

What is Amazon Kinesis Stream?

This Amazon Kinesis Stream is mostly used to collect and process the massive amount of data records in real time. One can easily create a data processing applications that are called as Amazon Kinesis Steams Applications. The typical kinesis stream applications read data from the kinesis stream as the data records. The processed data records can easily be sent on the dashboards that can easily generate alerts, data can also be sent with a variety of other AWS, used to generate alerts in the dynamically way.

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Here are the given typical scenarios in the usage of Amazon Kinesis Stream:

1. Accelerated Log and Data Feed Intake and Processing

The Producers can easily push the data into the stream in a direct way. One can easily push systems and applications logs and can be processed with ease. It mostly prevents the log data from being lost for the front end or else applications server fails. It mostly provides the accelerated data that helps to feed intake which can easily lead to the data on the servers.

2. Real-Time Metrics and Reporting

One can easily use data collected by using Kinesis Streams with simple data analysis and reporting in the real time. One can easily process the data applications processing and can work on metrics and report for system and application logs completely streams to the data.

3. Real-Time Data Analytics

This Real Time Data Analytics mostly combines the power of parallel processing by the usage of the value of real-time data. One can easily process website clickstreams with real-time scenarios. Analyzing site usability engagement by using multiple various kinesis streams applications to run in a parallel way.

4. Complex Stream Processing

One can easily create Directed Acyclic Graphs with Amazon Kinesis streams applications and also data streams. It mostly involves putting data from multiple Amazon Kinesis Streams applications into another stream with downstream processing with different applications of Amazon Kinesis Streams Applications.

What is AWS Kinesis Firehose?

Amazon Kinesis Firehose is completely fully managed service to deliver real-time streaming data to destinations like Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Elasticsearch Service or else Amazon Redshift. It is entirely part of Kinesis Streaming data platform with Amazon Kinesis Analytics and Kinesis Streams.

With the help of Kinesis Firehose, one can easily write applications or else manage resources. Data Producers can be easily configured to send data to Kinesis Firehose that can automatically deliver the data to the required destination field. You can also easily configure  Kinesis Firehose to transform the data before the data deliver itself.

The main key concepts of Kinesis Firehose is that

1. Kinesis Firehose Delivery Stream

2. Record

3. Data Producer

4. Buffer Size and Buffer Interval

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What is the use of AWS Kinesis?

The main benefits of the AWS Kinesis are here given below that is

1. Real-Time: Kinesis Streams delivers the real-time data processing in reliable and flexible manner. after generating the data, one can easily collect continuously and promptly react to the complex business information and various operations in an optimized way.

2. Easy to Use: In just a few seconds, Kinesis Stream is created. The required data can be easily placed in the Kinesis stream with the help of Kinesis Producer Library and Kinesis Client Library and can build Kinesis applications for the data processing.

Elastic: The throughput of the Amazon Kinesis stream that can easily scale up from megabytes to terabytes in just a few seconds.

Parallel Processing: It mostly helps to have multiple Kinesis Applications processing with the same stream in a concurrent way. you can easily have one application that can run through real-time analytics and other sending data to Amazon s3.

Low Cost: Kinesis Streams has no upfront cost and the payment will be done only for the resources that are used.

Reliable: Kinesis Streams that replicates with multiple facilitates in the AWS Region. The data can be preserved for 24 hours and prevent the data loss in case of a machine or else application failure.  

                      Amazon kinesis

What is AWS Kinesis Agent?

AWS Kinesis Agent is considered as the stand-alone Java software applications that offer an easy way in the collection and send data to Kinesis Firehose. Currently, the agent supports the various processing options such as SINGLELINE, CSVTOJSON and LOGTOJSON.

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AWS Kinesis Analytics  and AWS Kinesis Pricing

When you go for pricing, these Amazon Kinesis Streams go for the pricing. AWS Kinesis pricing is mostly based on the core dimensions Shard Hour and PUT Payload Unit and optimal dimensions extended data retention. There will also be an hourly rate based on the average number of kinesis processing units. This Amazon Kinesis Analytics helps in automatic and elastic scale with the required number of KPU's to complete the analysis models.

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