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Getting Started With AWS Key Management Service

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AWS Key Management Service

Amazon Web Services KWS is mostly used as the management services which it mostly helps the users for creation and control of the encryption keys that directly helps to encrypt the data to reach business purpose in the right way. The FIPS 140-2 is considered as the most validated cryptographic modules which will help the audience to master the keys. In the general purpose, it’s mostly combined with the other AWS service for effective encryption of the business data where encryption keys will help to manage in the right way.

AWS Key Management Service

AWS Key Management Service is also mostly integrated with other AWS CloudTrail in an order to deliver the encryption or provide various services with the help of key usage logs to get services done such as regulatory, auditing and compliance needs. 

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Here are the below-provided management actions that can be done on the AWS KMS master keys: 

1. With the help of AWS KMS, users can describe, create and also give a list of master keys 
2. One can disable or else enable the master keys 
3. There is also a possibility of creation, accessing the various control policies and view grants for your master keys 
4. Even in a master key, one can easily enable or else disable the automatic rotation of the cryptographic materials. 
5. There is also a possibility of the importing of cryptographic materials into the master keys of AWS KMS 
6. Audience or the users can also tag the respective master keys for identification with ease, tracking and categorization 
7. Users can also create, delete, update or else even list all the aliases which are mostly associated with the respective master keys
8. Users can also even delete the master keys to have notification of complete key lifecycle 
The below noticed following cryptographic functions can also be performed using master keys with help of AWS KMS 
9. One can easily encrypt, re-encrypt or else decrypt the data in a respective manner 
10. Users can also export from the various services to generate the data encryption keys either the services are provided in the plain text format or else encrypted format in the presence of any master key. 
11. There should be surely a generation of random numbers for applications of various cryptographic functions 

With the help of AWS Key Management Services, users can also acquire more control over accessing the data encryption. With the help of integration services between the AWS KMS and AWS Services, users can easily have the complete usage of the key management and also the features of all cryptographic functions. AWS KMS will make sure to have a great control over the master keys and also get a fully-fledged access to the encrypted keys after writing applications for the specific requirement of AWS or else using AWS services. 

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As earlier, we have seen that AWS KMS can also get integrated with AWS CloudTrail wherein it is considered as the service which helps to deliver the log files to Amazon S3 bucket that you wish to have as well. With the help of this technology, users can even investigate and also monitor the way how the master keys of the functions will be shown and for whom? 

This AWS KMS plays a vital role in protecting the data efficiently and helps to take business growth to next level. 

What the main benefits of AWS KMS? 

Here are the list of main benefits of AWS KMS:

1. It is fully managed: This AWS Key Management Service is considered and most probably said as the fully managed service which mainly helps to focus on encryption needs of various applications in the technology. It also helps to deliver physical security, availability and also maintaining of various hardware components in a full-fledged manner.

Amazon Web Services KMS

2. Centralized Key Management: Amazon Web Services KMS will give you all the rights of the centralized control of the respective encryption keys. It will show the entire details of the key usage in the organization to boost revenues. Users can also create, rotate keys and import keys along with the right definition usage of the policies. Users can also audit the usage from the AWS Management console or with the help of CLI or else AWS SDK.

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3. Integrated with AWS Service: In a bid to ensure the easy process to encrypt data that you store with the help of some services, this AWS KMS is also integrated with different other AWS Services. 

4. Encryption for all your applications: AWS KMS will help you to manage encryption keys in an effective way & will also be used to store the applications without respect of the place where you store it as well. 

5. Built-in Auditing: AWS Key Management Service will make sure to work with AWS CloudTrail to ensure with API calls logs ready to or else by KMS. Users can also know the details of the keys that are accessed or not and the person who accessed them with the help of these logs that meet compliance and regulatory requirements. 

6. Low-cost: In your respective account, there will no particular charges for the default keys. The extra cost will only be paid for the master keys which you will use for key usage or else for creation purpose. 

7. Security: Amazon Web Services KMS make sure to deliver or give the most secure place to store or else to use encryption key. The key such as FIPS 140-2 will be used for the security modules to store the encrypted keys that you will be used to save large amount of data. It is reported that KMS keys are said to be shifted or get transmitted outside the AWS regions that are ensured after creating it. 

8. Compliance: The quality controls and the security modules which are presented in AWS KMS have been validated and also given a certification in which they are accomplished with compliance scheme.

Features of AWS KMS 

  • To have integrated with AWS Identity and Access Management and also with storage and database services
  • The keys that are present will be usable for protection of data at rest or else in flight
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