Top 10 Reasons To Learn AWS

Are you thinking about why should one learn AWS? If your answer is Yes! then this blog is for you. In this blog, we've discussed Top 10 reasons to learn AWS.

A world driven by technology and the internet makes its entities work the same way too. The IT and the business sectors depend wholly on cloud computing services and the demand for it will only rise rapidly in the future. The investments made on public cloud services like AWS have increased by 19.4% from 2015 to 2019. AWS, on a specific scale, had a revenue of $5.44 billion during 2018 and since then it has had a 49% increase every year. Security foundations, data storage fundamentals, networking, java, python, communication, and AWS service selection are the basic skills needed for working with AWS cloud services.

The Amazon Web Service uses the Availability Zones' data centers to share its services to a wide range of business forums. This makes the spread of AWS vast and faster. It's connected through low-latency network links which are highly reliable as it's a pool of infrastructural resources which never collapses nor does it allow a single server to collapse. From the top companies like General Electrics, NASA, AirBnB, Netflix, IMDB, to start-ups also adhere to AWS for its cloud computing services. This makes AWS the master in the cloud computing market.

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What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is Amazon’s subsidiary that deals with an evolving on-demand secured cloud computing forum for business groups and international markets. It’s a forum that comprises different services like Iaas, Saas, and Paas, along with other major cloud services. However, AWS’s APIs work for governments, companies, and individuals on a paid basis. To collect, manage, store, and monitor data, AWS is the top-preferred cloud software. Get to know the other 10 main reasons to learn AWS. 

Top 10 Reasons to Learn AWS

AWS is the need-in-the-hour application, and so has an enormous career scope. This is the main factor why many get to learn AWS. Apart from these, there are a few other factors like:

1. IT Professionals Must Learn Cloud Computing

The current digital world is now mostly dependent on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which works on cloud services on a larger scale. This factor makes every professional in the IT department adapt to this new environment and application. However, since 2015, AWS has been on the top as it's a software that rules the business world. 

Even Google Trends has stated that there's a significant shortage of skilled AWS professionals. With more demand (around 350,000) and less supply, this market condition is apt for any professional looking for a lucrative career in AWS. In short, the list of popular in-demand skills that an IT professional should have has AWS in its top. All the job-related applications will show that there are thousands of AWS concerning job vacancies. 

To top it all, AWS is a public cloud platform that drives more demand than other private cloud forums and is also easy for professionals to learn and work with AWS. Therefore, every IT professional must be familiar and thorough with cloud services, which is why to learn AWS seems significant. 

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2. AWS's Community is Reliable

Unlike other cloud computing services, AWS professionals have broad access to various networking communities and chances. For instance, The AWS certified LinkedIn community, seeks for all the AWS professionals who stay connected under one roof and get exposed to various regional events and practice sessions/exams related to AWS certifications. Even Amazon provides an official AWS certified logo and digital badges to all the AWS professionals who can use that as a credential and get noted by the top companies. 

AWS has a better security and privacy system. It also helps with backup plans and disaster recoveries. AWS is a reliable source and is used by almost all the top companies. AWS's community is the best place to learn, connect, and grow in terms of AWS. 

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3. Accessible and Affordable

AWS is an application that can be accessed by any user through its free-tier AWS account. However, once you feel that AWS seems like an application you need for regular use, you can use its premium plans, which have affordable prices. These lead to a platform that can be used by trainees, and freshers to gain hands-on experience with AWS before making drastic decisions. AWS also provides services like Amazon RDS, EC2, S3, and Elastic load balancing, all of which can be used for gaining expertise. AWS is a great platform to start learning about cloud services. 

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4. Firms Migrate to AWS for Cloud Services

Almost all the firms and Server Message Blocks are focusing on cloud services to carry out their functions. Due to such huge demand, studies state that the IP traffic of the global data center will reach 20.6ZB in 2021. It's also evident that the market growth rate of public cloud services will rise to 17.5%. However, this migration is not an easy task for organizations, which is why they need cloud computing and AWS professionals to make things easier and effective. An up-to-date IT and AWS professional is sought rather than a traditional IT professional, to avoid roadblocks, connection issues, and many more.

Grow with age and don't forget to migrate to new platforms, especially if you are part of the technological world. 

5. AWS Provides Flexible and Scalable Service

A business that uses AWS can automatically change its resource capacities leading to AWS's scalable services. A company can also increase or decrease its capacities as per its needs that making AWS's services flexible. The cost incurred for using AWS premium versions is also flexible. With such merits, AWS cannot be avoided for cloud service usage. Therefore, learn this vital application more than any other, to have the best scope in terms of career or business success.

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6. AWS Professionals Earn A Fortune

AWS professionals earn more than any other IT professional, which is why it is worth spending your time and money on getting AWS certified. For instance, the average salary of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate is $121,292. When you are an AWS professional working in premium areas such as Washington, San Francisco, Austin, and Boston, the pay is usually 25% higher and is 50% higher than other IT professionals. Some of the best AWS-related jobs that'll pay you the highest is to be an AWS cloud architect while the other jobs give a low paycheck. However, AWS professionals earn more than other IT professionals, by all means. 

7. AWS's API Adds to its Efficiency

AWS's Application Program Interface allows any user to use its services and some of the best third-party API services that reduce cost and time, leading to coherent productivity for the businesses. AWS's API can also be used to make backups and for launching new instances. For additional visual effects, social media analytics, and other factors, you can use third-party APIs. By learning AWS, you tend to learn about more services, third parties, and their significance too.

8. The Fastest Growing Public Cloud Service is AWS

AWS is said to have a flexible work environment that allows the users to customize its services to make the services meet the client's needs in the best way possible. It's the first software that has its public cloud services marketed. Its main competitors are Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure with whom it's had a 7-year head start. Ever since its launch in 2006, it has attracted thousands of developers, users, and professionals. Experts say that in 2020, the market share of AWS will be more than 52%. 

9. Learning AWS With Abundance of Resources is Efficient

Today's digital world not only demands the usage of AWS and the presence of its professionals but also provides various learning opportunities with significant and critical resources for the same. There are various AWS practice exams and many platforms for achieving the AWS certificate. With the help of many AWS communities, you can also find similar and much-proficient AWS experts for advice and guidance. There are many manuals, books, forums, and courses (online and offline) when it comes to the resources that'll help you learn AWS. 

10. AWS Certification Brings Credibility

When you have the AWS certificate in your hand, you automatically appear to the eyes of the potential employers/clients who trust and believe in you. A single AWS certificate will give you a brand name for expertise and credibility. Apart from this name and fame, it also helps you connect and build your network with many clients and professionals, which will lead to your future growth. The AWS Partner Network will give additional training to all of its AWS professionals along with various resources for better AWS servicing. The more certificates you have, the more credibility you buy. 

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These are the 10 major points that prove to you why learning AWS is vital today.

Sources to Learn Amazon Web Services:

AWS training is mostly carried out through online certification courses, which take approximately 3 - 4 weeks to learn the basics, with a 1- 2 hours learning session. If you are already an AWS professional, you can take up specific AWS courses for improvements and updates. 

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  • This online course is taken by great experts who are available 24*7 to guide and help the students.
  • It’s also a course that involves real-time projects, mock tests, doubt clearing sessions, and a final exam to equip the students with the best learning resource possible.
  • By the end of the course you will learn how to use AWS to design applications and systems, and also handle data on a large scale. 


Amazon Web Services are the best cloud computing services so far and will also continue to be. Therefore, if you are passionate about cloud services or AWS (in particular), do learn it, to master it and your career life. With numerous career options with one of the best pay scales awaiting you, what else do you need to craft a better career? Put AWS in your mind to prosper and make the business world prosper too. 

"Learn the best from the best, for the best."


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