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Are you preparing for the AWS s3 interview? Are you sure you have covered all the basic and advanced level questions? If not, then our guide on AWS s3 interview questions 2024 will help you crack the interview. In this blog, we have listed AWS s3 interview questions and answers prepared by the industry experts so that you can ace your interview.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most extensive and widely used cloud platform in the world, with over 200 fully-featured services available from data centers all around the world. Cloud has become an irresistible technology serving as an ultimate solution to access IT software and systems.

It has become a new essential catalyst for Enterprise Organizations that are looking for Digital Transformation. AWS user database covers the fastest-growing startups, Government agencies, and large corporations.

However, before we jump on the AWS S3 interview questions, let us tell you some important facts about Amazon Web Services:

  1. AWS S3 holds a market share of 8.08%, having over 356,606 companies using this software for Enterprise Data Storage. 
  2. Computer software and Hospital & healthcare are the largest segments using AWS S3 software. 
  3. An AWS S3 engineer can earn $15 Lakhs approximately in a year. 

The above points clearly state the demand for AWS S3 professionals. We are certain that our AWS S3 interview questions can assist you in cracking the interview and bagging your dream job.

We have classified AWS S3 Interview Questions - 2024 (Updated) into two stages they are:

  1. For Freshers
  2. For Experienced 
  3. AWS S3 FAQs

Top 10 Commonly Asked AWS S3 Interview Questions

  1. Explain the S3 bucket
  2. Define all types of Storage Classes in AWS S3?
  3. What Is AWS S3 Replication?
  4. What is Snow Ball?
  5. What are the Storage Classes available in Amazon S3?
  6. Describe what's T2 times?
  7. Why does Route 53 provide high availability and low latency?
  8. What do you already know approximately AWS Lambda?
  9. Why do we need to use a Web Application Firewall?
  10. Can you ping the router or default gateway that connects your subnets?

AWS S3 Interview Questions and Answers for freshers:

1. What do you know about AWS S3?

It is a virtual drive where we are able to store data and use it for scalability on a massive scale. With Amazon's S3, we are able to get proper access to, hold, or get higher records from any web application. Unlimited records or the gadgets' size–we are able to hold as masses as 5TBs of records and now not the usage of an issue. S3 isn't always the most effective scalable but moreover high-tempo along with a minimum charge in Evaluation of web services that are really really famous. 


2. Explain the S3 bucket.

You can hold records as gadgets in S3 buckets. There can be more than one bucket, with each having more than one gadget. An object can be a document, collectively with different types of files including metadata. For getting access to edit S3 buckets and edit access, create or delete gadgets inner S3 bucket. Easily you will get proper access to logs of buckets and gadgets.

S3 Bucket

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3. How do I control the right of entry to an S3 bucket?

Following are some of the now not unusual place location strategies for coping with getting proper access to an S3 bucket:

  • S3 Access Points: S3 provides predefined buckets to a particular application. You can get proper access to elements that we are able to use to control get proper access to S3 datasets.
  • S3 Bucket Policies: To get proper access to S3 you can config the S3 bucket. We can also configure permissions at the bucket diploma which are the most effective exercise for gadgets inner a bucket.
  • ACL: You may utilize Access Control List (ACL) to control get proper access to S3 assets and gadgets inside a bucket.
  • IAM: We can use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Groups, Roles, and Users to control get proper access to S3 assets.

4. Define all types of Storage Classes in AWS S3?

Given below the list of storage instructions are available for S3:

  • Standard S3 archiving class: Without targeted archiving instructions inside for an indefinite period of time for the future upload, S3 cutting-edge day storage will be the default storage class.
  • S3 Standard Storage Class for Infrequent Access: When we need to get proper access to three records, a wonderful deal masses lots much less often but swiftly and now not the usage of a delay, we are able to use the identical antique storage beauty for infrequent get proper of access to.
  • S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage Class: Redundancy helios for duplicating records if reduced ranges of redundancy. This is a great exchange for state-of-the-art S3 daily storage due to a particular reason.
  • S3 Glacier Storage Class: The S3 glacier storage works right for low-charge data records. As per present business demand, S3 is coming up with data sovereignty.

5. What Is AWS S3 Replication?

When we need to replicate gadgets asynchronously, we use S3 replication at a few degrees within-side the AWS S3 buckets. This can be auto stretch, actually in minimum budget.

We have given data related to records sovereignty and agency goals, it offers us the authority to manipulate those data.

AWS S3 Replication

6. How does Elastic Block Store work?

Elastic Block Store (EBS) is a slab-diploma cache of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It helps to find out the stored data, because of this the records will be saved on EBS irrespective of the recognition of EC2 instances. With ECE instances you can have a lot of space.

Elastic Block Store

7. Write down the Differences Between S3 And EBS?

The differences between Amazon S3 and EBS are given below:

Entity can be stored.EC2 Instances file management tool.
Data security is high.Data security is fewer.
Data centres using Redundancy.Redundancy can be used by only one data centre.

8. What do you know about S3 Intelligent Tier?

One of the S3 storage facilities that let customers hold costs via manner of the technique of transferring gadgets as consistent with the get proper of access to the volume amongst S3 now not unusual place to get proper of access to and IA.

S3 Intelligent Tier

9. What is EC2?

EC2 is a digital cloud tool controlled via the OS diploma. You can run this cloud server on every occasion you want and likely use it at the identical time as you need to put in your servers within-side the cloud, similar to your network servers, and at the identical time as you want to have complete control over the choice of hardware and the updates on the tool.

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10. What is Snow Ball?

Snow Ball is a small software program application software that lets you replace terabytes of records inside and outside of the AWS environment.

AWS Snow Ball

11. What is Cloud Watch?

You can use AWS environments like EC2, RDS Instances, and CPU utilization by using cloud watch. It moreover activates alarms counting on several metrics.

12. What is an Elastic Transcoder?

Elastic Transcoder is an AWS Service Tool that lets you in changing a video's format and determination to use, beneficial aid several devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops of numerous resolutions.

13. What do you recognize about the manner of the technique of VPC?

VPC's full form is Virtual Private Cloud. It helps you to customize your networking configuration. It helps you to have your private IP Address range, internet gateways, subnets, and protection companies.

14. DNS and Load Balancer Services come beneath neath which sort of Cloud Service?

DNS and Load balancer are a part of the IaaS-Storage Cloud Service.

15. What are the Storage Classes available in Amazon S3?

Storage Classes available with Amazon S3 are

  • Amazon S3 Standard
  • Amazon S3 Standard-Infrequent Access
  • Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage
  • Amazon Glacier

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16. Explain T2 instances.

T2 Instances are designed to provide moderate baseline trendy regular favoured simple typical overall performance and the capability to burst to higher trendy regular favoured simple typical overall performance as required via manner of the technique of the workload.

17. What are Key-Pairs in AWS?

Key-Pairs are regular login records to your Virtual Machines. To connect with the instances, you may use Key-Pairs, which embody a Public Key and a Private Key.

Key Pairs in AWS

18. How many Subnets are consistent with VPC?

You might also additionally have a hundred Subnets consistent with VPC.


19. List one-of-a-kind styles of Cloud Services.

Different kinds of Cloud Services are

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • DaaS (Data as a Service)
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

20. How can you lock the Object in AWS S3?

This option in AWS S3 lets someone hold their records in a write-once-read-many (WORM) format. In this manner, the individual can hold the records and protect them from loss or manipulation in future. You can activate it via the manner of the technique of companies to satisfy the data saving demands from business clients.

AWS S3 Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced:

1. Give an example of EC2.

Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for strolling programs at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure is the best example.

2. Describe what's T2 times?

T2 times are designed to offer mild baseline overall performance and the functionality to burst to better overall performance as required through the workload.

3. Describe the bonding between Instance and AMI.

An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is a template that incorporates software program configuration (for example, a running system,  utility server, and programs). We can release exclusive styles of times from a single AMI.

An example is a digital server in Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for buggy programs in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

4. What do you know about Amazon EC2 Root Device Volume?

When you launch an instance, the root device volume contains the image used to boot the instance.

5. Why does Route 53 provide high availability and low latency?

Route 53 uses a worldwide anycast network of DNS servers. It can automatically answer queries from the optimal location depending on network conditions. As a result, the service offers low query latency for your end-users.

6. What do you already know about NAT gateways in AWS?

NAT (Network Address Translation) is an AWS carrier that allows connecting an EC2 example to the net. The EC2 example used thru NAT ought to be in a personal subnet. Not handiest the net, however, NAT also can assist in connecting an EC2 example to different AWS offerings.

NAT times are unmarried EC2 times, at the same time as NAT gateways may be used throughout diverse availability zones. If you're growing a NAT example, it's going to aid a hard and fast quantity of site visitors determined through the example's length.

NAT gateway in AWS

7. What do you already know approximately AWS Lambda?

AWS Lambda is a computing platform supplied as part of the AWS offerings that don't want servers to carry out sports. Any code compiled on AWS Lambda will run in reaction to events, and it identifies the assets required for code compilation automatically. AWS Lambda helps diverse coding languages like Node.js, Python, Java, Ruby, etc. With AWS Lambda, you'll pay the handiest for the time your code is being performed. You will now no longer be charged any quantity whilst you aren't using any pc time.

AWS Lambda

8. What offerings may be used to create a centralized logging solution?

The crucial offerings that you could use are Amazon CloudWatch Logs, and keep them in Amazon S3, after which use Amazon Elastic Search to visualize them. You can use Amazon Kinesis Firehose to transport the information from Amazon S3 to Amazon ElasticSearch.

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9. You ought to add a report of around one hundred twenty megabytes in Amazon S3. How will you method the importing of this report?

A report that has a length of greater than one hundred megabytes may be uploaded in Amazon S3 by the use of the multipart add application presented through AWS. Multipart add application will permit me to add the one hundred twenty megabytes report into more than one element. All the elements of the bug report might be uploaded personally by the use of the multipart add application. Once all of the unique documents are uploaded, it is easy to merge to get the unique report with one hundred twenty megabytes.

10. Explain the diverse styles of virtualization in AWS in brief.

There are 3 styles of virtualization in AWS, which can be as follows:

  • HVM – HVM (Hardware Virtual Machine) allows incomplete virtualization of hardware in which all of the digital hardware machines act like a man or woman unit. Once AWS AMI virtualization is accomplished, the digital machines execute the grasp boot file as well themselves. The root block tool of the created AWS gadget picture incorporates the grasp boot file performed through digital machines.
  • PV – PV (Paravirtualization) is virtualization to a lighter diploma in comparison to HVM. The visitor OS in PV would require a few adjustments earlier than acting anything. These adjustments assist customers in exporting a scalable and changed model of hardware to digital machines.
  • PV on HVM – Para-virtualization on HVM also can be accomplished for multiplied functionality. Operating structures can get admitted to garage and community I/O via the host thru PV on HVM.

11. Explain what you already know approximately about CloudFront CDN.

CloudFront CDN (Computer Delivery Network) is a set of allotted servers used to supply internet content material like web pages, etc. The shipping accomplished through CloudFront CDN is primarily based totally on the geographic vicinity of the consumer, website starting place, and the server getting used for content material shipping. The starting place of all of the documents which can be allotted through the CDN desires to be defined. A starting place for CDN may be an S3 bucket, an AWS example, or an elastic load balancer.

Two styles of distribution are accomplished through CloudFront CDN, which is internet distribution, and RTMP. Web distribution is used for websites, while RTMP is used for media streaming. There are around 50 area places allotted in diverse elements of the world. Edge places are websites in which the internet content material is cached at some point in the shipping process.

CDN CloudFront

12. Why do we need to use a Web Application Firewall?

AWS WAF is a firewall carrier that protects internet programs from being exploited. They guard the internet programs against bots that can lessen the overall performance of the programs or devour assets unnecessarily. Users can manipulate the incoming site visitors on their internet programs with the assistance of AWS WAF. Besides bot site visitors, we also can save you diverse, not unusual place assaults at the internet utility thru AWS WAF.

13. State the variations among AWS CloudFormation and AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

AWS CloudFormation is chargeable for provisioning all of the assets which can be had inside a cloud's surroundings. It is likewise used for describing all of the infrastructural assets found in cloud surroundings. Contrary to AWS CloudFormation, AWS Elastic Beanstalk presents appropriate surroundings to install and function programs within-side the cloud. 

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is managing the lifecycle of deployed programs in the cloud. You can satisfy diverse infrastructural desires of diverse styles of programs deployed within-side the cloud thru AWS CloudFormation like organization programs, legacy programs, etc. AWS Elastic Beanstalk isn't always involved with the styles of programs as it's far mixed with the developer tools to manipulate the lifecycle of deployed programs.

14. Explain the running of AWS configures with AWS CloudTrail.

AWS CloudTrail is broadly used for recording the consumer API hobby related to a specific AWS account. One can display diverse API sports through the use of AWS CloudTrail like reaction element, caller identity, name duration, etc. When you operate AWS Config with CloudTrail, you already know the configuration information related to the AWS assets used. If something is incorrect together with your AWS assets, each AWS configured and CloudTrail will let you discover them.

AWS configures greater involvement with the modifications which have been made to the AWS assets, while CloudTrail is involved with the consumer that has made the modifications. You can use each of them concurrently for more advantageous governance, compliance, and safety policies.

AWS CloudTrail

15. If a failure at some point of occasion processing thru AWS Lambda occurs, how will it be handled?

If occasion processing thru AWS Lambda is accomplished in synchronous mode, then an exception might be displayed at the utility used to name the characteristic at some point of failure. However, if an occasion is being processed in asynchronous mode, then a characteristic might be referred to as at least 3 instances in case of a failure.

16. What do you already know approximately Amazon Work-spaces?

Amazon Work-spaces present digital and cloud-primarily based computer systems totally to paintings, additionally referred to as work-spaces. You no longer want to install bodily hardware and software programs through the use of Amazon Work-spaces. You can set up Microsoft Windows or Linux digital computer systems with the resource of Amazon Work-spaces. Users can access digital computer systems through various gadgets or internet browsers.

17. Can you ping the router or default gateway that connects your subnets?

You could ping immediately any subnet IP cope with out of your system, in case your default course tool is studying that vacation spot subnet, then it takes off routing.

18. If the processing of a video is interrupted in a single example, it's far resumed in any other example. Currently, there may be a large backlog of films that want to be processed; for this, you want to feature greater times; however, you want those times handiest till your backlog is reduced. Which of those could be a green manner to do it?

First of all, the workload needs to be processed now, which means it's far urgent; secondly, you don't want them as soon as the backlog is cleared, consequently Reserved Instance is out of the picture, and for the reason that paintings are urgent, you can not prevent the paintings to your example simply due to the fact the spot charge spiked; consequently Spot Instances shall additionally now no longer be used. Hence On-Demand times will be the proper preference in this case.

19. You have an allotted utility that periodically approaches big volumes of facts throughout more than one Amazon EC2 instance. The utility is designed to get better gracefully from Amazon EC2 example failures. You are required to perform this project within-side the maximum fee powerful manner.

Which of the subsequent will meet your requirements?

  1. Spot Instances
  2. Reserved times
  3. Dedicated times
  4. On-Demand times

Answer: A. Spot Instances.

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Let's talk about the Advantages of AWS S3

  • Compliance Capability - Amazon S3 enables three precise forms of encryption. For auditing purposes, S3 gives a regular integration with AWS Cloudtrail to show and keep storage API call activities.
  • Flexible Management - Storage administrators help to install critiques and visualize records usage. This will help to show the records and reduce fees while improving the services.
  • Flexible records transfer - AWS snowball gives a petabyte-level records transfer system. AWS Storage Gateway gives the on-premises storage gateway, which sends the records right away to the cloud through the premises of the man or woman.
  • A systematic way of work - AWS S3 choose out enables the man or woman to retrieve the records returned to which the man or woman is in need of the S3 objects. Amazon Athena gives the man or woman a massive amount of unstructured records to someone familiar with SQL.
  • Sustainability - Amazon S3 is the most long-lasting as it works on international cloud infrastructure. The records are transferred internally to three physical availability zones, which is probably a long protracted way from the AWS Region.

Top 10 Frequently Asked AWS S3 Interview Questions:

1. Can You Host A Website In AWS S3?

Yes, we can host a website in the AWS S3 bucket.

2. Does AWS S3 Support Versioning?

Yes, AWS S3 helps versioning simplest if enabled; it's now no longer a default option. By allowing versioning, you can store unique variations of a similar document in an equal bucket.

3. What kind of data can I store in AWS S3?

You can store virtually any kind of data in any format.

4. How Is The Pricing Policy Determined For AWS S3?

The pricing coverage is decided primarily based totally on the subsequent factors:

  • Utilization of garage
  • Storage management
  • Transfer of information
  • Transfer acceleration
  • Number of requests

5. How Would You Delete An AWS S3 Bucket?

We can comply with those steps to delete an AWS S3 bucket:

Step 1: Log in to the AWS Management Console and pick S3

Step 2: Select the bucket that desires to be removed

Step 3: Press the 'Delete' button

Step 4: When it activates you to categorize the bucket call for deletion, write the call

Step 5: Click the 'Confirmation' button

6. What Is An Object Lock Feature In AWS S3?

These features will lock the object. Nobody can delete, overwrite, or modify the same object. This can be useful if you need to ensure that specific files are not changed or deleted. You can enable object locks on individual files or folders, or on an entire bucket. When an object lock is in place, the owner of the lock will be notified if any attempt is made to change the locked object.

7. Is there a way to add a document of more than a hundred Megabytes in Amazon S3?

Yes, there are ways to add a document of more than a hundred Megabytes in Amazon S3. The first way is to use the multipart upload API. This API splits your file into parts and uploads them in parallel. The total size of the parts cannot exceed 100 Megabytes.

8. How lots of data can I save in Amazon S3?

You can store an unlimited volume of data and objects in Amazon S3. Individually Amazon S3 can store objects ranging from 0 bytes to 5 TB in size. In fact, the largest object or file that can be uploaded on Amazon S3 at a single PUT is 5 GB. For objects larger than 100 MB, clients must not forget the use of the Multipart Upload capability.

9. Does Amazon save its very own data in Amazon S3?

Yes. Developers inside Amazon use Amazon S3 for an extensive form of initiatives. Many of those initiatives use Amazon S3 as their authoritative data save and depend upon it for business-vital operations.

10. What is the primary use of AWS?

AWS is the leading cloud computing platform, and it is one of the primary profit-driving software for Amazon. An interesting fact is that AWS accounts for 13% of the total Amazon revenue.

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Amazon S3 is one of AWS's most famous cloud infrastructure offerings and is the maximum supported cloud garage provider with integration to third-celebration solutions. It is especially durable, especially scalable, low cost, and integrates with the bulk of AWS offerings. Further, you could test with Amazon S3 by signing up for AWS Free Tier, which incorporates 5GB of the loose garage area and as many as 20,000 gets and 2,000 pull requests for 12 months. 

If you can research software programs like AWS S3, you'll be able to come across hobbies in an area you love and with a business enterprise wherein you can make a difference. Get professional up today; your programming future is handiest a click away!

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