Amazon SQS is also called an AWS Simple Queue Service which can be managed with the help of message in the continuous queuing service. It is mostly used to helping in decouple and even scale microservices, serverless applications, and distributed systems. It is much better to build an application by using the individual components in which each if it performs a  function that is discrete, helps to enhance reliability and scalability and is also considered as the unique and awesome practice for the unique design and the latest trendy applications. This AWS SQS will try to make it cost-effective and also simple to coordinate and decouple the various components of applications in the cloud era.

With the help of AWS SQS, one can also send, store or else receive the messages between various components in the software at any sort of higher volume or else lower volume. All these messages can be exchanged without losing the messages or else without the requirement of other services will always be available.

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Mostly, AWS SQS has come up with two types of message queues such as Standard queue which will deliver maximum throughput, where the messages are delivered at least once and the best effort of ordering as well. The second one is called as AWS SQS FIFO queues are mostly designed in a perfect way that can guarantee the messages can be processed in a single time in the order that exactly sent as it is with exactly a limited and extensive throughput. One can easily start with AWS SQS with ease or else also SQS with SDK as per your own choice and just three simple commands. AWS SQS will also allow the users to delete the entire complexity and also check out the associated with highly managing along with the other operating messaging software which is dedicated to a greater platform and also infrastructure.

Benefits of AWS SQS

Benefits of AWS Simple Queue Service

AWS SQS is all set to deliver the scalable and reliable message queues without any help of messaging-oriented middleware.

Operational Efficiency

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The main benefit is to eliminate administrative overhead where AWS SQS will manage all the operations that are currently underway and also infrastructure which is required to scale and run message queuing. With this AWS SQS, there is no requirement of upfront cost, install, no requirement of acquiring and configure messaging software as well as maintenance of infrastructure that will support in a full-fledged manner.


One can take advantage of Amazon Web Services SQS for transmitting the higher volume of data and by avoiding messages loss as well. This AWS SQS will also help you to decouple all the application components with ease and enhance the overall system tolerance in a full-fledged manner. All the messages are delivered with a standard queue and also with FIFO queues to improve the reliability of the requirement.

Integration process

This Amazon SQS will allow the unique integration process and also integrated deeply with other AWS services as well in an order to build scalable and more flexible applications. The list of the integrations includes computer services like as Amazon EC2 Container Service, AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2 and various other database services like Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS and Amazon SNS to have a most powerful messaging solution.


Amazon SQS will help to enhance the AWS cloud in a dynamic way and also scale elastically with the respective application without any worry of pre-provisioning and capacity planning. Additionally, there is no particular limit to a certain number of messages per queue in which the standard queue will help to deliver the unlimited throughput to have an effective solution in a great manner.


It is very simple and quick process of message queuing using Amazon SQS and one can simply opt the console or else SDK as per your own choice in the best way. With the help of 4 API’s, one can quickly add SQS to the code that are CreateQueue, ReceiveMessage, SendMessage, and DeleteMessage. The same APIs will also be applicable to the Standard Queues and also FIFO queues.

Frequently Asked AWS Interview Questions

Amazon SQS

Amazon Simple Queue Service will help the users to build a distributed application along with the association of decoupled components.

  • It is possible to integrate Amazon SQS along with other AWS Services to help the applications in the most reliable and flexible way.
  • You can also simply build a microservice architecture and also for using message queues to have a connection with your microservices.
  • Each and every event in the Amazon SQS message queue can have the corresponding message in the message queue and the required application that has some knowledge of the present event and can even process the messages.

Amazon SQS vs Amazon SNS

There is not a lot of difference between Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS as they are the messaging applications within the AWS only and also have various benefits for developers in a consistent way. Amazon SQS can also exchange the messages with the help of polling model and will be using decouple receiving and sending components. This Amazon SNS will provide the flexibility of the applications in the distributed components and will also help to send and receive messages without any requirement of each component in the accuracy way.

Amazon SQS provide message order

In the standard Amazon SQS model, all the messages will be delivered at least once and the FIFO queues will provide only one processing exactly where every single message is delivered once and will remain in a constant available until a consumer will process it or else delete it in an effective way. The duplicated are also not introduced or helped into the queue.

Comparison between Amazon SQS and Amazon Kinesis Streams

Amazon SQS is pledged to deliver the reliable and scalable highly hosted message queue to store the messages that can travel between the microservices and the various applications. It mostly helps in decoupling the components of an application, configuration of individual message delay, scaling in a transparent way and having enough queues and wanted to enhance more readers until the backlog will be cleared in the best way.

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