Command Line Tools Installation

Firstly, for Auto Scaling we must install some command line tools. This is done to minimize your usage of billable services. The Amazon EC2 command line interface tools (also called the EC2 CLI tools) wrap the Amazon EC2 API actions. These tools are written in Java and include shell scripts for both Windows and Linux, OS X, or Unix. You can use the CLI tools to create and manage your resources for Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, and Amazon VPC.

Before you can use the Amazon EC2 CLI tools on your computer or your instance, you must install the tools and set the environment variables used by the tools. Use the set of directions for your operating system.

To install the Auto Scaling command line tools to your local computer, go to Using the Command Line Tools in the “Auto Scaling Developer Guide”. After you have installed the command line tools, try a couple of commands to make sure that they are working well. For example, try typing the as-cmd command at the prompt.

PROMPT > as-cmd

This command returns a list of all the Auto Scaling commands and their descriptions. You can now see something similar to the following illustration.

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PROMPT > as-cmd

After you have installed the command line tools, you can start creating your AWS resources. Move on to further post Find a suitable AMI to learn how to find a suitable AMI. You will use this AMI to launch your Amazon EC2 instance. It will also serve as a baseline for creating your own custom AMI.

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