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Burp Suite Alternatives

Sure, Burp Suite is filled up with various features and functionalities. However, it has varying cons as well that cannot be overlooked. So, if you’re not willing to pay a huge price to get this tool, this post helps you significantly. It takes you through some of the Best Burp Suite Alternatives for professionals. Let’s have a look ahead.

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Burp Suite is quite a popular and well-known web application scanner. Often, it’s cited as one of the superior of the kind in the market. Undeniably, it’s an excellent solution for discovering and fixing zero-day and exotic vulnerabilities. But, some inefficiencies come up once you go deeper into its functionality. 

Sure, Burp Suite effectively verifies every security that it discovers. But, you’ll have to prove those discovered vulnerabilities manually. This could be a significant dissuading aspect for those who prefer their tools to be appropriately automated. 

Also, Burp Suite works in the form of a proxy, and it’s easy to complicate even the basic configuration and setup processes. So, to take away all your worries, this post covers some of the best Burp Suite Alternatives to try. Let’s get started.

Burp Suite Alternatives - Table Of Contents


This is an adequate solution for automated proof-based scanning. Netsparker is easy to set up and use. It also offers a visual dashboard that showcases stats and graphs on one screen. This data is related to performed scans, discovered vulnerabilities and detected assets.


One of the best things about this tool is its Proof Based Scanning feature. Netsparker automatically verifies vulnerabilities for you. It also has advanced crawling abilities that let you scan every corner of the web asset with ease. 

Its interactive and dynamic approach to scan also makes it a fast and accurate vulnerability scanner. This tool can offer detailed documentation on discovered vulnerabilities. It creates good compliance and technical reports. This way, you can prove your organisation meets HIPAA, PCI and other requirements.


  • Proof-based scanning
  • Effortless third-party tool integrations
  • DAST + IAST scan
  • Detailed report creation
  • Advanced crawling
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This intuitive web app security scanner tool is best for easy and quick setup. Acunetix safeguards your apps, APIs and websites by discovering potential vulnerabilities. This platform can discover more than 7000 vulnerabilities. This list also includes some familiar names, such as XSS, SQL injections etc.


This tool is easy to configure and use. Furthermore, it can verify discovered vulnerabilities on its own before reporting the same. Acunetix operates on Advanced Macro Recording technology. This means it can scan complicated multi-level forms and password-protected real estate of the site. 

This platform also curates detailed technical and regulatory reports. Thus, it makes the resolution and management of identified weaknesses simpler. You can also schedule incremental and full scans to initiate consistent, automated scans weekly and daily. 


  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Accurate detection of vulnerability with AcuMonitor and AcuSensor technology
  • Detailed generation of compliance and technical reports
  • Prioritize and schedule scans
  • Advanced macro recording

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This web application scanner is a free and open-source alternative to Burp Suite. It can perform consistent scans on the apps to keep them secure and safe. This tool effectively leverages a comprehensive threat intelligence database.


This way, it handles all the vulnerabilities to help you significantly. The platform provides an extensive range of configuration options to set automation. OWASP ZAP is available with a handful of plugins. Therefore, you can improve the performance of your devices to a great extent.


  • Several plugin options are available
  • Free to use and open source
  • Perfectly configurable
  • Performs extensive and simple scans


This one is a powerful external web application vulnerability scanner. ImmuniWeb is known for its risk-based and penetration testing capabilities. It contains an intuitive visual dashboard that showcases a holistic image of your scan activity, threats and assets. The AI-enabled programming further improves its vulnerability detection abilities.

Immuni Web

This platform is specifically helpful because of its performance and risk-based features. It immediately classifies discovered vulnerabilities into varying groups. Hence, it defines whether a specific vulnerability has an urgent or significant threat to the system. 

Your team can prioritise the responses as per convenience. Moreover, it also verifies the detected vulnerabilities to decrease false positives.


  • Risk-based security testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Decreases false-positive
  • Effortless CD/CI tracking system integration


If you’re looking for the best dynamic and static application security testing tool, you can rely upon this one. The tool uses collective security and a dynamic testing approach. Thus, it can be used to develop security throughout the software development lifecycle. 


This tool functions on a Software Composition Analysis system that lets it detect open source vulnerabilities with superior accuracy. You can efficiently perform thousands of scans on varying applications. Veracode also generates in-depth reports that guide you on how vulnerabilities can be remediated effectively.


  • Software composition analysis
  • Centralized visual dashboard
  • Detailed report generation
  • Combined static, interactive, dynamic and open source scanning
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Metaspoilt is a Ruby-based platform. It is basically used for vulnerability and penetration testing. This tool lets you write, test and execute codes. It offers a good range of tools as well. These tools help evaluate security vulnerabilities, analyse networks, evade detection, and execute attacks.


Metaspoilt also has significant automation. This automation is powered by an intelligent web-based interface and automatic credentials brute-forcing. It also offers task chains for automated custom workflows. Metaspoilt ensures all the discovered vulnerabilities are validated before they’re reported. Thus, it prevents the need for manual interaction.


  • Closed-loop vulnerability validation
  • Manual and smart exploitation
  • Web app testing
  • Network discovery

Tenable Nessus

This intelligent web application scanner is best for risk-based security assessment. It can evaluate every type of API, app, and website for vulnerabilities. Tenable applies a risk-based approach for security assessment.

Tenable Nessus

The tool discovers a weakness and classifies the same automatically based on its threat severity level. You can use this tool to generate reports as well. Tenable also features a good web crawler. Thus, it scans every corner of the asset’s portfolio to ensure no vulnerabilities get missed. 


  • Advanced automation
  • Advanced threat intelligence for perfect weakness discovery
  • Validates vulnerabilities to decrease false positives
  • Assigns threat levels to discovered vulnerabilities

Qualys Web Application Scanner

This popular cloud-based web app scanner is best for automatic application cataloguing. One compelling feature of the tool is the capability to discover web assets in your networking. Not just that, it also catalogues them automatically.

The tool is equipped to perform dynamic, consistent, deep scans on every app. This helps the tool quickly find weaknesses, such as XSS, SQL Injections, etc. Apart from apps, the tool is also adequate for testing APIs and IoT services linked to mobile devices. 


  • Comprehensive web application discovery
  • Web app asset tagging
  • Malware detection
  • Dynamic deep scanning


The Intruder is an online web app scanner that is seemingly perfect for consistent, automated scans. In addition to this, it can also generate compliance reports. It can scan your public and private accessible servers, cloud servers, endpoints and sites to find vulnerabilities.


It can effortlessly discover weaknesses, such as XSS, SQL injections, weak passwords, and misconfiguration. The system begins an automatic scan of your system periodically to look for new threats each day.

Once discovered, it immediately notifies you about the threats. Alongside, it also suggests remedies to resolve the issue for good. The Intruder can also generate qualitative compliance audits and reports, like ISO27001 and SOC2.


  • Consistent, automated scans
  • Seamless compliance report generation
  • Instant alerts on discovered vulnerabilities
  • Security expert based threat solutions

IBM Security QRadar

Ideal for automated intelligence, this tool is an enterprise-grade web app vulnerability tester. It’s backed with an extensive range of tools that can discover and fix security threats easily.

It offers you complete visibility of the attack across on-premises and cloud environments. However, the feature that’s the highlight of this tool is automated intelligence. It lets the platform discover both undocumented and known threats accurately.

IBM Security

All the vulnerabilities are verified thoroughly before being reported. The platform also offers closed-loop feedback. Its automated intelligence lets you hunt weaknesses and automate containment processes.


  • Full network infrastructure visibility
  • Comprehensive report generation
  • Automated security intelligence
  • Closed-loop feedback


Burp Suite is a helpful online application scanner with plenty of efficient features. However, its manual vulnerability verification, complex setup and expensive subscription can put you off. So, here are the top 10 Burp Suite Alternatives. You can choose the one that helps you scale up and automate web application scanning tasks. Go through all of these tools thoroughly and get yourself the best one.

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