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Are you in search of a decent cybersecurity provider? We have brought you two cybersecurity providers, and trust us; they are the best among the best. Although there are so many options in the market, as you know, in the past decade, Sailpoint and Saviynt both have seen exponential growth. And there must be some good reasons behind their popularity. Having an online business has its own unique benefits; however, if you lose your guard, then it may take everything from you. Cloud businesses such as Amazon, and Netflix are at greater risk of cyberattacks. However, they spend millions of dollars on their security. Therefore, if you want scalability, then you will have to focus on your cyber security.

This blog will give you a detailed comparison of each of them so that your organization can have the benefits of one of the best cybersecurity providers. Henceforth, you don't have to stay anxious about the cloud security of your data. Also, they both are very successful at what they do, which means you will be working with a reliable and trustworthy brand. Let's discover more about each of them.

Table Of Content: Saviynt VS Sailpoint

What is Sailpoint?

Sailpoint is an identity access management software, or in simple words, it is a software that provides cyber which secures your organization comprehensively from all kinds of cyber threats. They use advanced security features such as AI and Machine Learning to ensure that your business is safe across all social media platforms. It provides secure access to user data, applications and software that are regularly in use by the organization. 

Sailpoint has plenty of functions which makes it exclusive and unique from the rest of the cybersecurity software. You can use it as a password management tool to change or reset the passwords; you can also use it as software to implement cyber security protocols. Moreover, its functions, such as identity governance, automated user provisioning, and compliance control features, can block entry violations so that your organization can enjoy security thoroughly. 

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What is Saviynt?

The CEO and founder Sachin Nayyar call it the Next-Gen Identity Governance & Administration Platform. As you know, cloud-based solutions have become a new norm, and therefore the vulnerable data of an organization now remains outside an enterprise. To solve this issue, various providers offer different levels of online security. Saviynt is a unique solution to resolve such issues because it leverages identity as a common string to tie the security and trust fabric together.

Saviynt's intelligent functions, such as Cloud Security & Identity Management solution, helps in viewing the security across the data, infrastructure and applications that inhabit on cloud or organization. Saviynt is helping its clients to overcome the issue of deploying several levels of integrated security, and due to this, it has been profitable since its inception. Many organizations which are part of the Fortune 500 are enjoying the benefits of Saviynt. 

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Features of Sailpoint

As you have already read about Sailpoint. Now it's time to dig into some of its key features:

  • SailPoint Identity IQ

It is Sailpoint's flagship identity governance solution. It helps in delivering the integrated identity governance capabilities, including compliance controls, access requests, provisioning, and password management.

  • SailPoint IdentityNow

IdentityNow is a full-featured, cloud-based identity governance solution for the on-premises application, access, and manages passwords on cloud and mobile apps. 

  • SailPoint SecurityIQ

Sailpoint SecurityIQ has the advanced functions of the SailPoint identity governance platform. It allows enterprises to govern and discover access to vulnerable data compiled in a file. It helps them to address the growing security threats to unstructured data in a better way.

  • SailPoint IdentityAI

IdentiyAI is an identity analytics solution to enhance the visibility of customers that they need to understand all the threats associated and focus their governance controls efficiently and effectively.

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Features of Saviynt

Although Saviynt has plenty of features, we have gathered its major features in this section.

  • Risk-aware Certifications

As you may know that IT managers, role owners, and application owners document their certification decisions. However, this process can be time-consuming, and therefore the organizations get overwhelmed with it, and it often leads to security sacrifice. Saviynt's platform slows down the access risk with its user-friendly, smart certification that helps users to make significant, documented decisions.

  • Intelligent access request

Saviynt understands that searching for access can be complex and overwhelming. However, Saviynt's next-generation access requests have made this process easy. It helps people to find the right access easily and quickly. Moreover, it also gives approvers an easy way to understand odd and risky access requests. Additionally, its smart access request gives the requester visibility into the causes behind the risks.

  • Fine-grained Entitlement Management

Organizations often employ detailed and flexible security models. Saviynt's unique depth and breadth of entitlement ensure data privacy and compliance. Its detailed visibility provides enterprises with a way to necessary access to meet job functions. Moreover, its visibility helps in seeing details to mitigate security threats.

  • Terminal Session

An organization has to deal with various challenges to secure a cloud ecosystem comprehensively. Primarily, ensuring secure administrative connectivity is among one of these challenges. And it is often done by restricting the scope of access by either using a configuration or jump box or secured administration stations. Saviynt eliminates such risks of providing secure browser-based terminal services, which decreases the risk of misconfiguration and enhances efficiency.

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Sailpoint vs Saviynt: Pros

What could be a better way to compare these two cloud security providers than comparing their pros and cons.

  • Pros of using SailPoint

  1. The support system of Sailpoint is one of the best pros of using SailPoint. Services such as Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live Rep), and Chat are provided.
  2. SailPoint was launched in 2005. Therefore, SailPoint has a huge user base and community.
  3. The solution is pretty stable and easy to use in the management of the identity lifecycle.
  4. The community is very active. A user can easily raise questions and find solutions and resources to such issues quickly.
  • Pros of using Saviynt

  1. Saviynt provides better integration with enterprise systems like SAP, Microsoft, Adobe, and AWS.
  2. The implementation process to be very easy.
  3. If you are not a big fan of configuration, then this is the best tool, and it works well.
  4. Saviynt has a lot of potential with many features available for users.

Sailpoint vs Saviynt: Cons

Let's check out the cons of using Sailpoint vs Saviynt.

  • Cons of using SailPoint

  1. The solution is quite expensive in general.
  2. The connectors are manual. There is a space for automation.
  3. The interface requires work. It's complex and more features require automation and machine learning.
  • Cons of using Saviynt

  1. The community is not so active and lacks a broader user base because it is still a new solution.
  2. Saviynt's support system is not so active. Their only services are chats and 24/7(Live Rep)
  3. For every change you need to make, you have to go back to them and ask for it.

Sailpoint vs Saviynt: Comparisons

In terms of comparison, both of them have unique functions. However, if you are looking for a broader user base and more mature functions, then you must use SailPoint. Moreover, if you are looking for better functions and community doesn't matter much to you, then you can also opt for Saviynt. 

Lastly, it all depends upon your requirements. So you must keep your requirements in check first and then only you should use any of them. Also, we will suggest using both of them as they both have distinct features; therefore, using both of them will give you a detailed vision of them.


By now, you may have understood the various functions of Saviynt and SailPoint. However, as we said earlier, it all boils down to the usage and requirements. And it's very subjective; some of you may like SailPoint, whereas some would prefer Saviynt. Try them both, then make choices.

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