Flutter Projects and Use Cases

Flutter is a UI SDK used to develop cross-platform applications from a single codebase. In this Flutter Projects blog, you will learn the importance of Flutter in mobile app development, the skills required for a Flutter developer, different kinds of Flutter applications, etc.

In this technologically advanced world, we can do several tasks with just a tap on our mobile phone, using a lot of applications. These applications are developed through app development frameworks, and Flutter is the best one among them. The word “Flutter” has been the catchword in the tech industry for a long time now. 

As per the official Flutter website, Flutter is the Google framework that enables us to create amazing, natively developed, and multi-platform applications from a single codebase. It is the rapid application development framework than many others. Flutter is compatible with different applications like Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, etc.

Thus, if you want to develop and deploy apps, learning Flutter is the best way. As it is easy to comprehend and understand, Flutter is suitable for beginners to master app development. This Flutter projects blog gives you some Flutter project ideas that you can work on and practice your app development skills. 

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Why is Flutter?

Since then, Flutter has been released; it has attracted a large number of dedicated developers. One of the primary advantages of Flutter is that it is simple and user-friendly. This indicates widgets will have the modifications or, depending on the personalization, with ease. 

Furthermore, the Flutter and Dart programming languages are easy to learn and begin creating, such that there never will be a deficiency of professionals; any professional can quickly and easily switch if required. One of the most attractive elements of Flutter is the UI widgets that abide by critical web application design standards. The following are the reasons why you must select Flutter over other cross-platform application development tools.

1. Singe Codebase for all the platforms: We don’t need to create individual code bases while working on Android and iOS devices. Flutter enables developers to develop and utilize a single codebase for various platforms like mobile, desktop, and web. This leads to a quick app launch and is cost-efficient.

2. Increased Time-to-Market Speed: The Flutter framework is more responsive than the other frameworks. The rapid time-to-market is one of the main advantages of Flutter. It is most complex to predict if Android or iOS versions will be able to offer the product on time. This is where Flutter does its part since it enables cross-platform utilization.

3. Reduced Development Time: The requirements for the flutter application development are very low. Thus the positive result is that there are no further maintenance charges. Flutter can create large applications that utilize distinct features.

4. Own Rendering Engine: The trouble with many cross-platform solutions is that they are the same on Android and iOS devices. That’s why Flutter is best because it contains packages that include a group of distinct widgets for both operating systems.

5. Native-like Performance: This is one of the Flutter benefits that leaps out. Flutter works with Skia, a graphics engine that allows rapid and well-maximized development. It is also identical to the native applications since it does not depend on the interpreters or the intermediary code representations.

6. Powerful Community: As per Statista, Flutter is one of the most famous frameworks and the first choice for developers globally. More than 40 percent of the software developers have selected Flutter over the course of four years. The below graph displays the growing interest in Flutter when compared to other cross-platform application tools.

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The following are the Pre-Requisites for building the Flutter applications:

1. First, we should download and install Flutter.

2. After that, download and install the “Visual Studio Code” or “Android Studio.”

3. Whatever the IDE we select, install the following plugins for the code editors:

  • Dart and Flutter Plugins for Android Studio
  • Flutter Extension for the Visual Studio Code.

Skill Development

Developers Utilize the Flutters for building applications on iOS or Android platforms from a single source code. Using Flutter, we can create the user interface and backend of the applications. Following are some skills we can expect to grow as a Flutter developer:

1. Dart: It is the programming language that Flutter developers utilize to develop the fundamental scripts. It is multipurpose because it includes the server, web, and applications. It is available at the core of the Flutter applications and is accountable for the cross-platform behavior of Flutter.

2. SQLite: The primary objective of SQLite is to store and load persistent data. It is a part of the Flutter framework through sqlflite plugin. Understanding this area will enable us to carry out the operations like reading, insertion, and deletion.

3. Agile and Waterfall Methodologies: Waterfall and Agile are the two primary methodologies utilized for software development. Agile works in a repetitive cycle pattern, while waterfall utilizes the linear sequential approach. Without this skill, we cannot manage and organize the full project.

4. Software Development Life Cycle: We will monitor the step-by-step process from planning and developing to testing, maintenance, and deployment of the application.

5. Git: The use of Git is to record all the modifications we have made to the program files. It also assists in the collaboration of the developers by enabling them to make modifications to a single file.

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Flutter Projects

Here are the best Flutter projects a fresher can build using Flutter in 2023. These projects are neither small nor difficult, and you will master and apply all the knowledge you have obtained about Flutter while developing these projects. 

Flutter Projects For Freshers

1. Calculator App

Despite developing a calculator that may look simple, it can be challenging for freshers. While developing this Calculator application, we will master classes like columns and rows, Dart Functions, and Conditional Statements. We will also implement displaying packages, widgets, dictionaries, and math expression solvers.

2. Todo

Most developers have developed Todo applications at some point in their careers. It is quite a basic and interesting Flutter project that every fresher must have on their resume. Developing a dynamic Todo application from the beginning needs a fundamental understanding of widgets and layouts. Moreover, we will utilize the concepts like Flutter state management frameworks, directories, and packages for implementing this project. 

Todo applications allow us to add items to the lists, check them, and more. Developing this application will help you get acquainted with various concepts and how they work. We can discover several Flutter projects with GitHub with the source code for the Todo list application. 

3. Tic Tac Toe Game

Another interesting way to implement what you have learned so far is to build a gaming application. Building a Tic Tac Toe game will help you with practical fundamental application development concepts in Flutter and get familiarized with the widgets. For this project, you need previous knowledge of Kotlin and Swift. You will write if-else loops, functions, utilize builder, and more for this gaming application.

4. Habit Tracker

The concepts that we use for building the Todo App are used for developing the Habit Tracker application. This app is helpful for tracking your habits and monitoring your task completion. It also offers you overall statistics about your consistency. This is the best application for testing your knowledge of Flutter if you learned the fundamentals. This project will acquaint you with Path, CustomPainters, BeizerCurve, and some other widgets. You must also know RichText, and when to utilize it while doing the project. 

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5. Weight Tracker

Similar to Habit Tracker, the weight tracker application utilizes the same principles but with a little different purpose. The weight tracker must have different units and scales with the calendar to record the user’s progression over time.

6. Hangman Game

If you have played the Hangman Game, then you will be delighted to know that you can develop this game by yourself, without making great efforts, as a fresher. This application will require expertise in languages like Ruby, Java, and C++. We will also need to know about the widgets like GestureDetector, Column Widget, etc, to work on this project. It will be a massive advantage if you possess a fundamental knowledge of Dart. 

7. 2D Snake Game

2D Snake Game is one of the oldest and most famous games that are easy yet highly interesting. With Flutter, we can build the 2D Snake Game. Generally, the snake game is a single-player game. The game will have a snake-like object that constantly moves in a certain space.

8. Podcast Player

We can build the Podcast Player using the Dart plugins like Just_Audio, Webfeed, and Provider. Moreover, we will integrate search engines into this project. 

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Flutter Projects For Experienced

1. Pokedex App

This Pokedox application is useful for those who want to exhibit their UI and Animation skills. This application gives in-depth information about every Pokemon for every release since its inception. Thus, all we need to do is to create a set of Pokemon through Dart programming. For completing this project, we must be aware of Flutter libraries. Moreover, we will also add animation libraries like Lottie.

2. E-commerce App

By developing the E-commerce application from scratch, we can boost your confidence and flutter knowledge. Different classes, methods, and packages are required for this application. Moreover, we can also implement the verification protocols such as OTP to secure sign-in and cash withdrawals. 

3. Habit Tracker 

By using Flutter, we can build a Health Tracker application for tracking our habits and monitoring our task completion. This application is useful for testing your overall knowledge of Flutter concepts. If you are aware of Flutter Fundamentals, Widgets, and Dependencies, you can build this application without much hassle.

4. Skype Clone

Building a Skype Clone is an innovation and a modern project. To build the Skype Clone app, we have to utilize Dart programming language and a part of some other programming languages.

5. Make a Login Screen

We will build this project with some basic fields like email or username and password and then transform them into two applications, one for iOS and the other for Android. The project is aimed at beginners, but building the application for two different platforms is tricky.

Make a Login Screen

6. Animated Bottom Navigation Bar

In this project, we have to build an animated navigation menu at the bottom of the screen, and when a user navigates using the icons available at the bottom, he will be navigating to the next screen, and we must utilize some animation in the navigation bar for making it appears like a modern application. This project can be tricky and may be complex for some of us.

Animated Bottom Navigation Bar

7. Book Search App

By using the Flutter framework, we can build a book search app that can be used to search the book from the library. As this is a simple app, it is suitable for beginners.

8. Netflix Clone

Another amazing Flutter project we can build is a NetFlix clone. We will be dealing with the responsive app design throughout multiple screens. By developing this application, we will use the video player package to embed the video player into the website. We will also learn to utilize reusable and responsive widgets, cubits, state management packages, etc. Overall, we can explore a lot in this project that will test your skills.

9. Telegram User Interface(UI) Clone

We will redesign the User Interface(UI) of this social application by creating many teams by assisting and enhancing user experience and customization. This project also includes the widgets integration since it relates to your items in the Flutter widget library.

10. Cryptocurrency App

This app must include a group of cryptocurrency assets that displays the present costs of corresponding tokens. It must have an amazing interface with a dark and small theme. Moreover, integrate at-least seven-day graphs for visualizing the price levels of many tokens.

11. Google Clone

Building a Google Clone is an advanced Flutter project. Developers will develop their own functional and responsive search engine, retrieve exact results per the user’s queries, and work on Android, Web, and iOS. It will cover API implementation through Dart programming since that is how the data will be retrieved. But your team should know concepts like pagination in Flutter. 

Flutter Real-Time Projects Examples

Enterprises of all sizes around the world are building apps with Flutter. Some of the Flutter apps in production are

1. Google Pay

With more than 100 million users around the world, Google Pay enables users to pay, handle, and save expenses. Flutter allows rapid and resource-efficient scaling of Google Pay.

2. BMW

Initially, BMW’s mobile app team concentrated mainly on the iOS version of their vehicle companion app. But, in 2018, they realized that the design and feature disparities between the Android and iOS provisionings had risen too large. So, they decided to build an app that provides the same functionality to all users, irrespective of mobile OS, MINI, and BW brands. After testing various cross-platform frameworks, they have chosen the Flutter framework to build an app. In July 2020, they launched the My BMW App, and it has established itself in around 47 countries on five continents.

3. Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group used the Flutter framework to build the Xianyu app. Through Flutter, Alibaba extended China’s biggest second-hand marketplace.

4. Dream11

The 3-person team at Dream11 used the Flutter framework to build the new multi-platform solution - Dream11. It provides an innovative user experience.

5. ByteDance

With Flutter, ByteDance developed an app that can be used on all the platforms like iOS, Web, and Android. Due to the rendering engine of Flutter, they could achieve consistent performance across the platforms. 

Flutter Projects: Why Are They So Important?

Since then, Flutter was released in 2018; it has been a fuming success. Flutter has various benefits. Flutter can be partly incorporated into the existing application as a module or a library. We can import the Flutter module into an iOS or Android app for generating a part of the UI. We can develop the flutter through various IDEs. 

Flutter is highly rapid. A 2D Graphics Package named “Skia‘ which supports Android and Chrome, is the core of Flutter. Flutter is developed to provide jank-free and smooth graphics at the native speed of your advice. The Dart programming language also supports Flutter code, and it enables the Flutter to be compiled into 64-bit and 32-bit ARM machine code for iOS, Android, and JavaScript.

Because of all the above-mentioned reasons, Flutter has become the industry's favorite framework in the app development domain. Flutter is also available for Web and Desktop Embeddings. Thus, the tech industry is actively looking out for skillful Flutter Developers.

Flutter FAQs

1. Is Flutter Good for Big Projects?

For Big Projects, Flutter is a great technology as it is scalable that is proven in several industries, even in the Banking industry, which has higher standards of utilized software and more difficult requirements.

2. Where are the Flutter Projects?

We can get Flutter Projects from open-source platforms like Github, Google Open Source, etc. 

3. Is Flutter Good for the Future?

The future of Flutter is Good because of the growing community and support from Google. It is projected to become the most preferable framework for mobile app development in the coming years.

4. How can I make money with Flutter?

We can make money by selling Flutter templates, writing blogs about Flutter, speaking about it in big universities, building Flutter apps, and publishing it in the play store. 

5. What is Flutter's salary?

According to Ziprecruiter.com, the average salary of a Flutter Developer in the US is around $153K per annum.

6. Is Flutter enough for a job?

Along with a great knowledge of Flutter SDK, you should also know Object Oriented Programming, Android Studio, HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript to get the job.

7. What is the salary of a Flutter Developer in TCS?

The salary of a Flutter Developer in TCS is around $100K per annum.

8. Is Flutter in Demand in India?

Flutter is a cross-platform development framework that has gained huge popularity recently because of various benefits over native app development. The framework is effective, cost-efficient, and flexible, so various businesses are selecting Flutter to build their mobile applications. The demand for Flutter will increase even more in the future.

9. Does Google Hire Flutter Developers?

Google seeks multiple flutter developers who understand both the front and back ends well.

10. What is the highest Flutter Developer salary in India?

A Flutter Developer's highest salary in India is around 10 Lakhs per annum.


In this Flutter projects article, we have explored the Flutter importance and how we can start working on the projects, as per our knowledge of Flutter. We also included some project ideas to get you started. I hope this Flutter projects blog gives you sufficient information about Flutter real-world projects. If you have any queries, let us know by commenting below. you can also enroll in "Flutter Training" and get a certification.

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