6 Hot And In-Demand Tech Areas In 2020

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by Ravindra Savaram
Last modified: November 15th 2021


It is indeed prudent to IT pros cultivating new skills that are in demand. The powers that will stay in need are better. Here, let’s a look at the trending technology areas that show no signs falling out of favor.

1. Cloud: Position Yourself in a Long-Term Growth


Most leading companies maintain corporate roadmaps to spell out where they’d like to be five and ten years out, how they are going to acquire these, and how technology fits into that vision. Being a smart IT professional, can you say how your position and skills figure into your company’s plans or the industry as a whole?

Organizations will still need cloud developers and programmers for sure, but they want and hire programmers who know about working with robots as well as developers who are familiar with applying their craft to wearable devices. 

Therefore, labor market experts expect that IT as a whole will continue to add new jobs through 2020 and beyond, savvy tech pros are considering pains to make sure that their roadmap is steering them towards concentration with maximum longevity. 

2. Analytics: Data Architects, Hadoop Pros, and Integration Experts


The chief leaders of outsourcing advisory practice say that the needs of an organization around analytics will be enormous, partly driven by the sheer volume of the data collected but also by the increasing application numbers like robotics fueled by analytical output. As a result of this, companies are creating and adding IT positions to handle their work.

According to Barry Brunsman, the principal of KPMG’s CIO Advisory Management Data Architects, the professionals who design the structure of an organization and support emerging needs including

  • Data Engineers-Professionals who ensure the analytics and data solutions from some sources integrated
  • IT Planning analysts- who analyze and aggregate data from distinct internal 
  • external sources – Who help IT know what its business partners are likely to need in the future.

According to emerging technical trends, it is a known fact that technical titles that are and will remain hot including data engineer, Hadoop developer, enterprise data architect and prominent data software architect. 

At the same time, the demands of the organization around analytics will create a new leadership position tasked with understanding how analytics are used to achieve objectives and goals. Analytics won’t mean tools to work. Companies will need someone out in front, who can get at how analytics will transform the IT as well as Company. Have a look at trending google analytics at https://mindmajix.com/google-analytics-interview-questions

3. APIS: Programmers to tap Internal and External Power of APIs


There’s plenty of blush around application program interfaces (APIs)—the set of protocols, routines, and tools that specify how software components should facilitate and interact access to Web-based applications.

Software vendors have been providing API for years, and now the organizations of all disciplines are making their public so other developers can design applications that interact with their original software.

It is the main reason why APIs are used to tap the power of emerging technologies. Such as the Robotics, the Internet Of Things and Artificial Intelligence, as well to maximize their value for existing tech-driven trends like mobile connectivity.

IT companies will need experts to develop and actively manage APIs for use within the organization and to connect with outside users. These technologists need to have a deep understanding and developing skills.  

4. Robotics: Tech experts to lay the enterprise AI/Robotics Groundwork

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics have already moved into reality from science fiction and soon will be coming to business here and there, i.e., everywhere. According to the Pew Research Center Report of 2014, these will permeate prominent daily life segments by 2025. With enormous implications for distinct range industries such as transportation, and logistics, healthcare, home maintenance and customer service.

There is no surprise that the skilled technologists in this area will be in high demand. The IT professionals will have roles to play in building and integrating, programming out in the organization’s applications infrastructure of AI and Robotics.

5. The Internet of Things: The Big Picture Thinkers

IDC- the research firm in its Worldwide Internet of Things 2014-2020 forecast predicts that the IoT market in a global level will grow from $1.9 trillion to $7.1trillion from 2013 to 2020.

Technology is being built into almost everything these days. This indicates that there is a bright future for technologists who understand the underpinnings of this kind of connectivity.

Being the most in-demand It skill, IoT is not merely connecting items to gather the data instead understanding what values come with this connectivity. In the current scenario, companies are seeking for the employees who can understand and stimulate the trends of IoT in the coming years and grow with emerging technologies. 

6. Security: Deep and Broad Security Chops

With technological advancements, the need for securing them is increasing gradually. According to the United States Bureau of Logical Statistics, the growth in information security positions between 2012 and 2022 is 37%.  All these emerging technologies for a good reason are essential and will continue to demand, even with more attention from the security program of an organization.

For all the great opportunities that mobile, cloud, social media, analytics and the Internet of Things are going to bring, economic gains that will be realized by all those new technologies can be significantly undercut if they are not capable of robust security protocols and programs in place. Most industry experts say that the security expert of the future must ensure that all levels security is embedded.

Bottom Line

The demand for IT professional’s means higher compensations and wages, increased investments by organizations to pay more for certified and qualified IT professionals, and more reasons to hire contract or temporary professionals to fill those IT roles.

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