Easiest Tech Skills To Learn

Every tech expert today is a newbie to Information Technology once and might have started picking the then times' trending tech skills and gradually mastered them. Apart from soft skills one should have, there are a few tech skills anyone can start learning and mastering. We have shortlisted the top five easiest tech skills to learn for 2023 to kickstart your IT career.

Innovation is everywhere, and technology stands first on the list of adopting innovation. There were times when IT career aspirants with less or no relevant tech skills found it hard to secure a job in the IT field, but we got new tech skills in the market. This article discusses the easiest tech skills to learn in 2023 to land a job with consistent growth.

Every technology seeks optional prerequisites to get started. We are here to mention a list of skills that don't require any mandatory prerequisite tech skills—familiarity with computers, the internet and consistent zeal to learn the technology are enough to keep you going. The following tech skills will enable you to grab opportunities. We have curated the list considering the job postings on multiple job portals and the skills mentioned as mandatory.

Here Is The List of Top 5 Easiest Tech Skills

Easiest Technology Skills To Learn in 2023

Skill #1. HTML

HTML is the building block for significant web development technologies in the industry. It helps you design web pages as you wish, and the code snippets we use in HTML are easy to understand. HTML tags are human-readable and make it easy for anyone to learn and create good-looking web pages.

In combination with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML is listed as the world's second most-used programming language for 2022.


Most Used Programming Language



  • Easy to learn
  • Readable code
  • Great opportunities
  • Reliable career
  • HTML is the building block for almost any web development platform.

Mastering this language will enable various career opportunities.

Career Paths For HTML Professionals

  • UI Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • JavaScript Developer.

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Skill #2. Excel

Irrespective of the platform you work for in the IT industry, you can’t escape using excel in your day-to-day routine. Excel is for every professional and is easy to use tool to track data, visualize and present. Using excel doesn’t require any special training, but making the best use of it needs to get trained. The importance of excel is published by popular magazines now and then to spread awareness about how important it is to learn and master excel for faster growth in the IT sector.

Why Excel?

  • Not just to make tables.
  • Around 2 billion people in the world use either excel or spreadsheets.
  • Organizing and managing data made it easy.
  • People with Excel mastery earn more than regular professionals.
  • Any professional can do their best at the job with Excel.
  • Demand to learn excel skills increased:
    • Searches for “Excel training” per month: 15400.
    • Searches for “Excel course” per month: 27200.

Spreadsheets by Google are the online version of Microsoft Excel and share almost identical features. As cloud sharing is part of every organization, the use of spreadsheets increased over time. The following are some careers employers are looking for, and they mention knowledge of Excel as a mandatory skill to apply.

Experts consider Excel the future of business intelligence due to its adoption in organizations and workflows.

Career Paths For Excel Professionals

  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Data Journalists
  • DB administrators
  • Non-IT sector:
    • Financial analysts
    • Administrative analysts
    • Store managers
    • Logistic managers
    • Accountants.

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Skill #3. SQL

SQL, the standard query language, has been the most in-demand skill since its existence. The syntax used for SQL queries is humanely understandable and easy to remember once used. Irrespective of the academic background, the one with basic knowledge of computers can start learning SQL and master fundamentals within months. Careers started with SQL skills as a primary building block will have many opportunities. We are in a generation where the data has become immutable, resulting in storing and managing data has become a core part of every industry. New technologies are emerging today that use SQL as the foundation. Following are a few reasons why you should start learning SQL.

Why SQL?

This fifty-year-old query language has been among the top five skills an IT professional requires for decades:

  • Data being the most valuable commodity in today’s world, SQL can be the best data manager.
  • Professionals with SQL mastery are earning the best in the industry.
  • Data science is the future, and 48% of the data science jobs mention SQL as a mandatory skill.
  • Internet is prone to regulations, and hence data security is challenging, whereas SQL has the potential to provide security through access management, reducing the risk of digital asset theft.



Career Paths For SQL Professionals

As mentioned earlier, not only data science, every modern industry going digital today requires professionals who can showcase SQL skills in day-to-day job roles. Individuals who start their career with SQL mastery can further opt for the following job roles.

  • Data scientist
  • Database Administrator
  • Business analysts
  • SQL Developer
  • Software consultant.

Those mentioned above are the top job roles preferred by the sql professionals. There are other jobs apart from the IT industry which will open ways for professionals to land a job with the safest future.

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Skill #4. GIT

GIT is an easy-to-learn tool for those who want to start their IT career. Git is a version control system that allows you to keep track of open-source applications during and after the development process and their progress over time.

Git is the go-to tool for many developers around the globe who keep working on open-source projects to master their career skills. GitHub is a cloud platform that lets developers manage git repositories. It is considered that knowing git and having hands-on experience with GitHub is a kind of mandatory skill for a software developer in today’s era, which indirectly reflects the number of opportunities one can have mastering git and GitHub.

Git alone is not enough to secure a job; to practice it, you need a programming language, and HTML could be the best companion as these two skills are easy to learn and go hand in hand to master.




The above workflow defines it easy to understand why you need git. Working on the project individually or as a team could be hassle-free while integrating the source code. Git keeps track of changes you make to your code as versions allowing you the privilege to revert whenever needed.

Why GIT?

  • There are interesting reasons why you should learn Git today. 
  • The Git repository cloud platform, Github, has 32 million monthly visitors.
  • Close to 50 million projects collaborate in GitHub alone. There are other git repo platforms in use as well.
  • Nearly 94% of the active software developers use git.



Career Paths For GIT Professionals

Git and other application development skills will pave the way to many career opportunities. The following are top careers that seek git skill as a mandatory requisite:

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Git Engineer
  • Cloud Platform Engineer.

Any application or program with multiple releases can adopt it and increase the opportunities for professionals with git skills.

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Skill #5. Low Code Development Platforms

Low-code development platforms are online tools that enable users to develop applications with low or zero coding knowledge. As the demand for digitalization increases, medium and small-scale businesses are looking for cost-effective, low-budget applications to deliver products and customer services. These platforms allow users to start building websites, applications, and programs with easy-to-use user interfaces and basic training.

Why Low Code Development Platforms?

These are a few reasons why this is the best time to learn and master low-code development platforms:

  • Gartner, an IT research portal, claims that by 2024, 65% of app development will be done using low-code development platforms.
  • Appian, a popular low-code development platform, stated that 100% ROI was received by the enterprises that adopted it.
  • LCDP can reduce the development time by up to 90%.
  • 70% of the no-experience developers said it took up to one month to learn and start developing apps, Mendix, another LCDP platform, claimed.

Low Code Development


Career Path For LCDP Professionals

LCDP is a way of developing applications with absolute zero prior knowledge. There are many LCDP providers in the market today. Careers are based on these providers and firms' rate of adopting them.

  • Appian Developer
    • Similar to Appian, there are other LCDP platforms like Mendix, QuickBase, Zoho creator, KissFlow, salesforce lightning, Microsoft PowerApps and Nintex in the market, with an increase in the demand for these professionals.
  • Low Code Application Engineer
  • Low Code Solutions Designer
  • Low Code Solutions Architect
  • Engineer Design and Development.


The above-mentioned skills are in some way or the other related to information technology. We have made this list considering the average number of days a beginner can take to learn the fundamentals. These skills allow you to start a career in the IT industry and need continuous learning of the new and advanced skills specialized to any tech category. Innovation is immortal, and so has to be your desire to learn and adopt new skills in the market to survive in this competitive world. If you feel any other tech skill that has to be listed as the easiest among them, please mention it in the comment section below.

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