How to become a Web Developer

Have no idea how to become a web developer? Don't worry! You have landed on the right blog. In this blog, we will guide you on how to become a web developer. Yes! This blog provides you with a step-by-step approach to how to become a web developer. If you follow the approach, becoming a competent web developer is not a big deal. This blog also puts forward the prerequisites to becoming a web developer, the responsibilities and salary packages of a web developer, and many more in greater detail.

Crafting websites is an evergreen business all the time. Every company builds its websites to interact with the outside world as part of its business. Not only building websites, but the companies also update the websites regularly to improve their performance.

That's why there is a rising demand for web developers everywhere across the globe. It’s a great choice if one aspires to a career in web development. Web development offers many roles, such as full-stack developer, front-end developer, back-end developer, and webmaster. You can choose the one that is best suitable for you.

It’s not a surprise if you pose a question like – how to become a web developer?

No worries! We will help you. This blog will guide you as to how to become a web developer. It consists of a six-step approach to becoming a competent web developer. No matter your expertise level, if you follow the approach dedicatedly, becoming a stellar web developer is a walk in the park.

In this blog, you will find inspiring content that describes what is a web developer, prerequisites, salary packages, the organizations that employ web developers, and much more.

Let’s be ready!

How to Become a Web Developer - Table of Contents

What is a Web Developer?

Let’s have a brief look at what is a web developer

Essentially, web development is the process of creating websites by web developers. You can view the websites on mobiles and tabs as you can see them on desktops.

A web developer is one who crafts easy-to-navigate and visually appealing websites. They maintain, update, and boost the performance of websites. The important thing is that web developer not only makes website designs, but they perform the coding.

Right now, you might have got a clear idea of what is a web developer. Next, we will move on to what a web developer does.

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What does a Web Developer do?

Before diving into how to become a web developer, let’s look at a short brief on what does a web developer do?

Web developers build websites by applying their coding skills. They use popular programming languages like Python, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, SQL, and CSS to build websites. Also, they work with desktop computers, web-based application servers, and mobile devices as a part of their web development process.

Additionally, web developers employ cutting-edge technologies, like machine learning to develop websites. They are responsible for front-end website design and its appeal. They also design, organize, and optimize the visual components of websites. Mainly, they play a crucial role in promoting a company's brand by developing classic websites. Web developers perform systems analysis and database management. Besides, they execute scaling and integration processes of websites.

We Hope you might have understood what a web developer does from this blog section. Next, we will jump into the section where we will learn how to become a web developer.

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How to Become a Web Developer?

Although you have a degree in computer science or website design, you need more than that to become a skilled web developer. If you want to become a sound web developer, you should sharpen your technical and soft skills. Then, you must build a solid portfolio to impress recruiters.

As stated earlier, the following step-by-step procedure will help you to become a skillful web developer.

How to Become a Web Developer?

Let’s get into the steps right away!

#1. Learn Computer Fundamentals.

The first and foremost thing is that you must refine all your computer science fundamentals. It means you must be well-versed in databases, website design, query languages, etc.

Moreover, you must earn strong knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and ranking. This knowledge will help to develop highly performing and ranking websites. Also, you must be thorough in the version control system. It will help track and control changes to codes you have done frequently. Collecting this knowledge will help you to make hassle-free website development.

#2. Polish your Coding Skills

Know that coding skill is the foundation for website development. The degree of your expertise in coding skills decides the effectiveness of website development. So you must gain strong coding skills in some programming languages. The languages are Python, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and C++. Particularly, if you want to become a back-end web developer, you must also hone your skills in Java or Ruby.

#3. Enrich Web Development Skills

You must have solid exposure to software libraries as well as frameworks. Also, you must be able to design websites that should reflect the same quality and efficiency on mobiles and tablets. This way, you can create websites effectively.

More importantly, you can improve your web development skills by attending training programs and gaining certifications. The certifications will strengthen your portfolio and open up employers' doors easily.

#4. Attend Internships and work on Projects.

Attending internships is one of the best tools for forming a solid foundation in the process of becoming a qualified web developer. It will teach you the nuances of web development in an efficient way.

On the other side, you can strengthen your skills in web development by working on various projects, exceptionally. This method will provide you a solid hands-on experience in building websites. Not only that, you might get the opportunity to work with experts. Understanding their working style and gaining from their experiences can enrich your ability to build powerful websites.

#5. Build a Strong Portfolio.

Once you have gathered a strong knowledge of different frameworks or coding skills, you must build an attractive portfolio including all the skills you have earned. You must add all the internships and project details to the portfolio. Mainly, the portfolio must reflect all the expertise and abilities you have gained regarding website development.

While building your portfolio, remember to add the highlights of your academic achievements and earlier job roles. It will add value to the portfolio, undeniably.

#6. Get ready for Job Hunting.

Now, you are ready for job hunting. You should upload your profile on GitHub, LinkedIn, and widespread job portals to make it more visible to recruiters. The important thing is that you must interact with expert web developers constantly. This approach will help them learn from their experiences and imbibe good knowledge. In short, it will be a big boost for you.

In addition, you must read through many interview questions for various computer science topics and programming languages. You can access the material from the blog portals of leading e-learning providers. MindMajix is one of the leading e-learning providers that offers many interview questions with the best answers for aspiring candidates. You can best use them to attend your interviews boldly.

Well! If you tightly follow the above step-by-step procedure, it will transform you into a sound web developer.

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Web Developer Skills

In addition to acquiring technical knowledge, gaining some soft skills from the beginning will help you become a complete web developer. In a way, soft skills act like lubricants that simplify your tasks and assist in building compelling websites efficiently.

Web Developer Skills

Let’s address the skills in the way ahead!

  • Clear Communication

If you want to become a skilled web developer, the significant thing is that you must hone your communication skills. You must interact with your clients and many internal teams to efficiently discuss and execute website design ideas.

  • Attention to detail

It is another essential skill required for web developers. Web developers must look at everything in-depth. This attitude will support them to detect flaws in codes as well as website designs. As a result, they can build impressive websites with lots of details.

  • Customer focus

A web developer must build websites to satisfy clients' requirements. To achieve this, you must understand clients' interests accurately and build a website in line with client expectations.

  • Analytical Thinking 

Know that developing a website is not a walk in the park. You will often encounter many issues and bottlenecks in building a website. So you must analyze the issues and identify suitable solutions effectively.

  • Project Management

As you know, Smart work almost yields better results than hard work. You may be an expert web developer capable of creating stunning websites. But if you don’t complete them on time without meeting the required specification, your waste your talent and potential.

Also, clients won’t get satisfied with your work, leading to losing your reputation. That's why you should prepare a detailed project plan, tightly track budgets, and deadlines, and execute workflows to build websites on time efficiently.

  • Continuous Learning

On top of all, you should have the attitude of sharpening your skills throughout your career. This can be done by continuous learning. This habit will help you keep up your work consistently and make you an ever-shining star.

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Prerequisites to Become a Web Developer

It is crucial to know the prerequisites to become a good web developer. So it is essential to go through the web developer qualifications or prerequisites. It will help to identify the areas of improvement and build yourself as a talented web developer.

Below are the essential web developer qualifications one must have:

  • Good coding skills in JavaScript, Python, C++, Java, JQuery, SQL, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Good understanding of web servers, Server Side Rendering, APIs, etc.
  • Knowledge of multiple frameworks
  • Sound testing and debugging skills
  • Knowledge of user interface design.
  • Familiar with database management
  • Sound communication and project management skills

Next, below are the optional web developer qualifications one must have

  • Good data analysis and reporting skills
  • Knowledge of SEO strategies
  • Logical reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • Good analytical and time management skills

Types of Web Developers

Essentially, we can classify web developers into three categories depending on the areas of functions they perform. They are full-stack developers, back-end developers, and front-end developers.

Let’s have a brief look at each role in the following.

Front-end developers zero in on their efforts on the visual part of websites. They are responsible for designing the physical design of website pages, creating user interfaces, and integrating graphics. They use HTML and JavaScript languages to enhance the website's performance and quality.

Back-end developers work on the website part that users don’t see. They usually have expertise in PHP and CSS. They write codes, structure websites, and manage access points.

When it comes to Full-stack developers, they work on both the front end and the back end. They can build a full-fledged website on their own from scratch. They have good demand in startup and middle-level companies since they help to reduce the companies’ budgets.

Apart from the abovementioned roles, web developers can take another role known as webmaster. They maintain and update websites and ensure the consistent performance of websites.

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Types of Organizations Hiring Web Developers

Be it small, medium, or large scale, all types of companies use websites nowadays and employ web developers to build and maintain their websites. Most technological, banking, telecommunication, finance, and healthcare employ web developers significantly. Additionally, startups in mobile application development, e-commerce, and other companies recruit web developers in large numbers.  

Web Developer Salary in India and USA

The job profile of web developers is no less than software developer. If web developers demonstrate their skills correctly to recruiters, they can earn attractive salary packages in top companies.

According to Glassdoor statistics, the average salary of web developers in India is around 72500 rupees per month. Also, they can get additional cash compensation of an average of 50000 rupees per year. To name a few companies, TCS, Infosys, Accenture, and Cognizant offer salary packages of more than 4 LPA for web developers.

Similarly, if we look at the salary of web developers in the USA, the salary of web developers comes to around 82,000 USD per year. Also, they get additional cash compensation of around 4600 USD per year. The companies like Amazon, Google, and Wells Fargo offer salary packages of around two lakhs USD per year.

Top Companies that Hire Web Developers

Tech giants like Google, IBM, Apple, etc., are employing web developers on a larger scale. Not only that, JP Margon, Accenture, General Dynamics, and Capital One are a few other companies that employ web developers in significant numbers. Besides, the companies like PayPal, Cisco, Adobe, Amazon, and TCS recruits web developers with huge salary package.

Web Developing Tips

Well! We have gone through the technical and soft skills required to become a web developer. In addition to that, don’t miss out on the following tips to become a web developer. The tips will assist you in crafting robust and at the same time user-friendly websites.

Let’s read through them now!

  • Attitude is everything. So always stick to the learning attitude. Learning new tools and methods will support you in developing beautiful websites.
  • Like attitude, always have an open mind and curiosity. It will help to stay updated with new technologies and trends.
  • You must hone your skills by doing online courses and workshops. It will aid you to emerge as a competent web developer.
  • You must welcome all the new ideas from your teammates. It will help find suitable solutions to complex problems and open channels for new opportunities.
  • A good web developer is not only interested in writing codes for web development. They go beyond web development and bring up business value to clients.
  • Have the courage to face challenges and learn new things from them.
  • The web applications you develop must be easy to use and scalable based on business needs.
  • Manage your time effectively and be productive. Completing projects on time and fulfilling all the requirements is necessary for a good web developer. In other words, you must tighten the gap between client requirements and the final product as closely as possible.
  • You should collaborate with multiple teams within a company to develop a web application that meets clients' requirements.
  • Above all, it is nothing but intense practice that yields the best results. If you practice tirelessly, becoming a competent web developer is not far away.

Web Development FAQs

1. Can I become a web developer by acquiring a certificate?

Of course! You can become a capable web developer by completing a certification in web development. The important thing is that you must sharpen your skills in coding and website design.

2. What type of education must you have to become a web developer?

It would be beneficial if you have a degree or diploma in computer science. However, it doesn't matter whether you have a degree or diploma; if you have certifications in web development and the necessary skills, that is enough to knock on employers' doors.

3. Is it tough to become a web developer?

Not! If you are curious and eager to learn, you will become a competent web developer in a few weeks.       

4. What is required to become a web developer?

You should have sound technical and soft skills. Regarding technical skills, you must have good coding skills in Python, HTML, Java, CSS, and JavaScript. Regarding soft skills, you should have good analytical and problem-solving skills. Also, you must have good time and project management skills.

5. How long will it take to become a web developer?

It will take 3-6 months to start your career as a web developer if you go through intense training to develop your coding skills.


To sum up, web development is one of the excellent careers that you can enjoy the most. There are a plethora of opportunities everywhere that you can use to get placed in top companies quickly. Most importantly, this blog might have given you a solid idea about how to become a web developer. Also, you might have understood what is a web developer, what a web developer does, the skills required to become a web developer, the salary package, and more.

Remember, gaining certification in web development will be a big step in concretizing your knowledge of web development. In this regard, you can check out a web development course in MindMajix and get certification. It will help to achieve a superb web developer job with an exceptional salary package.

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