How To Forward Your Career With Cloud Skills?

Cloud computing is “the cloud” that delivers the on-demand cloud computing resources that may be either data or applications enters as a Service over the internet on a pay for use basis. It is. Therefore, a type of computing relies on pool sharing of physical and or virtual resources, rather deploying personal or local hardware and software.

With the rise of Cloud computing in modern technology environments is profoundly changing upgrading the success skill sets. As more and more organizations undergo strategic digital transformations specifically designed to leverage the cloud power, it is essential for the staffers and leaders to have the expertise to extract the accurate business results out of their investments in public cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud approaches.

According to the tech experts, it is the best time to work in the cloud computing industry. Organizations are continuously modernizing IT and moving into cloud-based processes and environments through DevOps and Agile adoption. And as a result, the demand for professionals with cloud expertise has become huge.

The market in the U.S is particularly buoyant, where the highest paying professionals are in the IT sector. The boom is not restricting to particular or specific technical roles. The professionals having expertise in Sales, IT financial management, and Cloud brokerage are also in huge demand.

Critically, it is not essential to mention cloud leadership for a successful cloud career as it requires more than a background with technical expertise. The cloud calls for the perfect business skills mix even more than on-premise IT approaches.

So, many cloud career and leadership skills from basic technology-oriented cloud competencies to leadership skills set.

Now we are in 2018, where the IT and business executives are turning more of their attention to accomplish their business strategies using Technology. Here, let’s discuss major cloud computing services.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The cloud-based application runs on distant computers owned and operated by Cloud Service providers. Users can use this via Internet as a Service on pay-per-use.

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Platform as a Service (PaaS)

This cloud-based environment with everything is essential to support the entire building lifecycle and to deliver web-based applications without the cost and complexity of purchasing and managing the underlying hardware and software. 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This cloud-based service provides businesses with computing resources including servers, storage, networking, and data center space on a pay-per-use basis.

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Cloud Computing Future

Cloud Computing has started to play a critical role in organization’s access levels and control. It has gained the ability to change any IT model completely with significant flexibility and agility leaps. The professionals with cloud skills are in high demand now than ever, with the demand based on the popularity of the particular technology.

According to the study by Goldman Sachs projects, “the amount spending on cloud computing platforms and infrastructure will grow at a 30% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2013 through 2018.”

Based on Centaur Partner’s Cloud-based business analysis, the application services revenue has led to the forecast that this market has grown from $13.5B in 2011 to $32.8B in 2016, attaining a 5% CAGR.

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Cloud Computing Career Opportunities and Job Trends

The demand for these Cloud Computing skills is constant with the increase in the adoption of Cloud Computing. A recent Search Cloud Computing report states that the surge is huge to appoint IT professionals having Cloud Skills.

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Cloud Computing has numerous career placements like:

  • Cloud Architects
  • Cloud Security Specialists
  • Cloud Developers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Cloud Support Analysts and many more

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Even though a few IT professionals feel threatened by cloud rise, most of these see the technology as an opportunity to accelerate their careers. It has become a need to understand what skills are on-demand more and then attempt to navigate their Cloud careers by taking particular paths to reach it.
Therefore, refining your Cloud skills is crucial to land that next hot job and enjoy a rewarding and long-lasting career.

The emerging cloud computing careers are majorly two: IT pros with particular Cloud Skills and IT Administrators with Cloud Architecture.

Companies are looking for particular Cloud Computing Skills like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. So acquiring knowledge and expertise on these platforms will be highly beneficial to your career.

Demand for Cloud Computing Skills

Businesses, to build or to replace their data center architecture require Cloud technology. These services are in demand as it makes life easier for business and helps them save their money and valuable time. Even though these are the most in-demand skills, there’s a significant skills gap in the Cloud field.

If you are a fresher and looking to start your career in Cloud, or a professional in IT sector seeking the best platform to add new skills to your resume or refine existing ones, this is a perfect time, as these skills constantly overtake the skills availability and are with high demand.

According to Forbes, in the United States alone, 3.9 million jobs related to Cloud, with 384,478 among them in IT sector. Currently, 18,239,258 Cloud Computing jobs are available worldwide offering a median salary of 90,950 USD per annum.

Forbes cloud computing

Technical recruiters are facing a tough time to fill out the job vacancies due to the shortage of skilled candidates, i.e., one candidate for 100 job postings and this state is continuing since 2016.

According to Forbes, the top three Countries for Cloud Computing Jobs:

  • China stood at the top with 7.5 Million jobs
  • The USA  with 4 Million jobs occupied the second position
  • India held at the third place with 2.2 Million jobs

The job postings mentioning the specific Cloud skills are a common sight these days. AWS skills seem to be the leading one by a huge margin, next followed by expertise in Microsoft Azure and Google. There has been substantial growth in the number of job postings for AWS skills in last six years.

Cloud Computing Job Titles

Traditional IT jobs roles are evolving and many new opportunities to help business move to Cloud and mobile computing. The jobs titles related to Cloud Computing are as follows:

  • Consulting Engineer Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Solutions Architect
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Management Sales Specialist
  • Cloud Corporate Sales Representative
  • Cloud Solutions Executive
  • Enterprise Cloud Architect
  • Senior Sales Engineer – Cloud
  • Visualization Cloud Engineer
  • Consulting Cloud Computing Engineer
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Cloud Computing Analyst
  • Cloud Computing Engineer
  • Software Engineer – Cloud Computing

Organizations that are looking for Cloud Architects are in search of professionals who are skilled and can handle everything from business requirements to Cloud deployment.

Mostly, the job positions titled with Cloud Architect need technical knowledge of strategic Cloud Computing, platforms, provides as well as their ability to fit the technology with the business goals.

Who can go for a Cloud Career?

Anyone who wants to start a career in Cloud Computing technologies and work with AWS can go ahead for this career. Particularly, Java Developers can position themselves in the Cloud field by learning to work with AWS

Java Developers those who are interested in careers oriented to Cloud should start with learning IaaS and PaaS services.

Since Cloud technologies are an ideal match for distinct software development efforts; Software Developers can also gain from this.

Bottom Line

Taking time to gain Cloud Computing Skills and Knowledge is a wise decision and move as it is growing rapidly. So, Cloud career quest is a perfect goal. The ideal way to seek knowledge on Cloud technologies is through in-depth training. This is the perfect time to upskill with Cloud Computing as it moving too fast.


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