Saviynt Interview Questions

Do you have an Saviynt Interview to attend? Hold your anxiety because this blog can help you face the interview with lots of confidence. The purpose of this blog  is to act as a last minute reference source to be referred before your interview.

The utmost concern of most organizations, irrespective of their size, is "security" and the area of their operations. Saving the data from the unfolding security risks has been the priority of organizations.

Hence professionals who are well trained and skilled on the IAM tools like Saviynt have a massive demand in the market.

Mindmajix offers an advanced Saviynt Course with Certification and Interview Questions for Experienced and Freshers to help you crack your interview & achieve a dream career as Saviynt Developer.

According to research, Saviynt has occupied a market share of 2.74% in the cloud-access-security-broker market and has given innumerable opportunities for many reputed companies and professionals skilled in this area.

We have categorized Saviynt Interview Questions - 2024 (Updated) into 2 levels they are:

Top 10 Frequently Asked Saviynt Interview Questions

  1. What is Saviynt?
  2. In which areas is Saviynt used?
  3. What are the basic primary operations of Saviynt?
  4. What are the products and platforms that Saviynt supports?
  5. Mention some benefits of Saviynt’s IAR?
  6. What are the different API calls available in Saviynt?
  7. What are the modules present in Saviynt?
  8. Mention the multi-dimensional RISK model of Saviynt?
  9. Name a few features of Saviynt?
  10. Describe some of the primary duties of Saviynt?

Saviynt Questions for Beginners

If you are new to this field, these are the basic questions mostly posed to freshers. Preparing these questions first will boost your confidence enough to face the interview.

1. What is Saviynt?

Ans: Saviynt is a cloud-built identity and access governance platform that can help modern enterprises to level up their cloud initiatives. It offers the latest solution to overcome the challenges of compliance and security. Saviynt offers granular application access, frictionless user experience, Secure the whole business ecosystem, identity governance(IGA), and cloud security.

The world’s largest brands trust Saviynt to accelerate digital transformation, empower distributed workforces, and meet continuous compliance. Most organizations rely on Saviynt to fulfill the adherence terms, speed up the digital transformation process, and authorize the workforces.

Data protection, enterprise, and cloud applications are all offered on a single platform by Saviynt. Minimizing security threats, intelligence management, and risk analytics differentiates Saviynt from its peers.

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2. What is IAM?

Ans: IAM (Identity and Access Management) manages the user and device access to cloud and platform applications. Employees, stakeholders, customers, etc., are referred to as users, and the devices that support IAM include computers, tablets, smartphones, routers,  sensors, etc.

The IAM tool issues a single digital identity and password to the users. Hence, their identities should be managed to protect the organizational information from falling into the wrong hands.

3. What are the risks involved in IAM?

Ans: Organizations with the updated architecture face the following IAM risks:

  • Operational Risk
  • Information Security Risk
  • Compliance Risk
  • Privacy Risk

4.  In which areas is Saviynt used?

Ans: Saviynt is used in the following departments:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Energy
  • Higher Education
  • Federal Government

5. What are the applications that support integration with Saviynt?


  • Azure AD and Okta 
  • AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Workday and Salesforce
  • Epic and Cerner
  • ServiceNow
  • SAP and Oracle
  • Box and O365

6. What are the basic primary operations of Saviynt?

Ans: The core operations of Saviynt are:

  • Multi-cloud Governance
  • Modernizing Legacy IGA
  • Machine Identities
  • Third-Party/Vendor Access
  • Non-stop Compliance
  • Control Internal Identities

7. What are the products and platforms that Saviynt supports?


  • Identity Governance and Intelligence
  • Infrastructure Access Management
  • Application Access Governance
  • Data Access Governance
  • External Access Governance

Products and Platforms of Saviynt

8. What is Segregation of Duties in Saviynt, and what is its need?

Ans: Segregation of duties is the core foundation of Saviynt as it eases the tasks of many users by executing a service method to keep a check on the threat of internal scams.

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9. What are Entitlements and their usage?

Ans: Entitlements portray the benefits of a device or an application on any platform. Entitlements are allied to the profiles in the database.

10. What is Authoritative Source in Saviynt?

Ans: Authoritative Source is a secure application that is the sole resource for data correctness. This document stores and saves the customer's data and acts as a primary source for data verification.

11. What are Connected Applications?

Ans: Applications linked to Saviynt through OOTB adapters following all the connection guidelines are connected applications or linked apps. These apps also automatically provide banners that are allowed in the Security System.

Saviynt Interview Questions for Experienced

If you are an experienced candidate in this domain with 2+ years, these are some of the questions most likely asked by an interviewer. Preparing yourself with these questions will enhance your knowledge and confidence.

12. What is the use of IAR in Saviynt?

Ans: To overcome this problem, Saviynt's Intelligent Access Request provides advanced capabilities to find secured and convenient access. This helps the users to understand anomalous or high-risk access requests. Thus this advanced feature of Saviynt helps the employee improve productivity by eliminating the waiting time to access approvals.

13. Mention some benefits of Saviynt’s IAR?

Ans: Benefits

  • Request access without friction
  • Fast Access
  • Simplified approval process design
  • Easy detection of risk

14. What is IGA in Saviynt?

Ans: The Identity Governance Application in Saviynt simplifies access request workflows for administrators and end-users. It provisions applications and segregation of duty (SOD), and another violation of risks is prevented automatically by IGA. Organizations use Saviynt applications to provide their partners, customers, and employees with flexible workflows when requesting,  granting, and monitoring application access.

15. Where is Saviynt IGA used?

Ans: Saviynt Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is used when there is a need to deliver safety and security for a company’s crucial data. This increases the company's productivity by giving correct accessibility for the best consumers, which is time-saving.

16. What are the different API calls available in Saviynt?

Ans: Some of the API calls that are included in Saviynt are

  • APIs for rule engineering
  • APIs for Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD)
  • APIs for managing rules
  • APIs for managing access requests and approval workflow
  • APIs for management analytics and dashboards
  • APIs for Segregation of Duties (SoD)
  • APIs for delegation administration

17.  What are the modules present in Saviynt?

Ans: Various modules present in Saviynt are:

  • SOD Management Continuous Controls 
  • Request Certification
  • Roles / Rule / Policy Management
  • Reports of Identity Analytics
  • Password Management
  • User Administration

18. Mention the multi-dimensional RISK model of Saviynt?



  • Context-based access policies
  • Segregation of duty policies
  • Security & Compliance controls
  • Classification / Glossary


  • Usage analysis
  • Outlier / Peer analysis
  • Behavior analysis
  • Access outside role


  • Geolocation
  • Threat intelligence/vulnerability
  • User type

Multi-Dimensional RISK model of Saviynt

19. What is the security manager in Saviynt?

Ans: The security manager in Saviynt is responsible for guarding the data, functions, and facilities on Cloud (Office 365, Workday, AWS, Azure, Salesforce) and Enterprise (SAP, Oracle EBS). IGA 2.0 is led by Saviynt by automating risk analytics, knowledge, and power advantage monitoring.

20. Name a few features of Saviynt?


ATTESTATION Tab: This tab is used to initiate the authentication for the certification of accessibility concerning many services.

ADMIN Tab: This tab is used to deal with Funds, Protection bodies, individuals, Titles, Password Plans, Functions, Individual Teams, Endpoints, and Interaction with  Organizations.

ARS Tab: This tab is used when there is a demand for accessibility for personal data link handing over the consumer recommended tasks. It can be used for upgrading individual particulars, code reset and producing other functions.

ROLE Tab: It is used in producing Role, Entitlement Discovery, and Role Mining.

SOD Tab: It is used to generate, publish, and handle SOD. Handling SOD includes SOD Reports, SOD Violations, Ruleset Requests, Mitigating Controls, Ruleset, Risk, and Functions.

21. What is the Identity Access Rule in Saviynt?

Ans: The Identity Access Rules are a collection of guidelines that describe particular circumstances and trigger the activities. Identity Access rules can be enhanced, or the operations can be adjusted using the Global Configuration setups.

22. What are the actors involved in a Campaign in Saviynt?


Certifier: User Managers/ Role Owners/ Entitlement Owner/ Service Account Owner.

End-User: Consumers who gain access and are being evaluated by a certifier.

Delegate: An individual whom the Certifier has handed over their duties.

Campaign Owner: Person that possesses the Campaign coming from SAM Support group.

Access Provisioning Team: In the scenario of hand-operated provisioning SAM Role Admin/ L3 Support Role.

23. Describe each of the Campaigns available in Saviynt?


User Manager: The capacity to provide license and examine the gain of access by the Line Managers is done by the user manager campaign.

Service Account: This Campaign is used when there is a need to provide Generic Account protectors' capacity to evaluate and accrediting the gain of access to the designated Generic Accounts. These profiles could be service accounts depending on the qualification.

Entitlement Owner: This Campaign permits the Entitlement Owners to access and accredit the titles. 

Role Owner: This Campaign allows the Role Owners to examine and license the tasks.

24. Describe some of the primary duties of Saviynt?


  • Accessibility selections are made keeping the risks in mind through the identification lifecycle.
  • Streamlining of solution profile monitoring is done with ease.
  • Dependency on IT procedures is reduced by equipping the individuals and admins with self-service attributes.
  • There is good exposure, management, and control of data in Saviynt.
  • Identity Bot an integrated RPA engine that allows automation of provisioning jobs.

25. What are Orphan Accounts?

Ans: The accounts that do not have any individual link with the profile but are active consumer profiles in the identification database is called orphan account.

26. What is Saviynt's Cloud PAM?

Ans: To provide secure, privileged, and sensitive access to business-critical hybrid applications and multi-cloud workloads, Saviynt offers a cloud-architected and cloud-delivered solution known as PAM  (Privileged Access Management). The PAM provides automated discovery of multi-cloud workloads, helps reduce the attack surface, provides complete auditability of just-in-time (JIT), enforces compliance controls and persistent accounts.


With this, you might have understood the type of questions asked in the Saviynt interview. So face your fear and attend the interview. We might add more questions to this blog. I hope this helped you prepare for the most frequently asked questions.

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