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VBScript is a simple language with a vibrant community. One advantage of learning VBScript is that it can be used right away in Windows without the need for any additional software. Advanced.NET library allows processing text documents effortlessly to Create, update, convert, and render all of your word documents using this full-featured API. 

Many top multinational companies (MNCs) are hiring VBScript pros in a variety of roles. To save you time hunting for VBScript interview questions and answers on numerous websites, we've compiled them all in one place.

Top 10 frequently asked VBScript Interview Questions

  1. What is VBScript?
  2. What are the advantages of VBScript?
  3. Mention the rules to name variables in VBScript
  4. Mention what variant is in VBScript?
  5. How many types of Operators are available in the VBScript language?
  6. What are the Data Types supported by VBScript?
  7. Compare JavaScript and VB Script?
  8. How to delete a cookie using VBScript?
  9. How can constants be declared in the VBScript language?
  10. How to read a Cookie using VBScript?
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VBScript Interview Questions For Freshers

The following is a collection of basic yet important VBScript interview questions that can be asked during an interview:

1. What is VBScript?

Visual Basic Script (VB Script) is a lightweight version of Microsoft Visual Basic. It’s the same as JavaScript, which is a client-side scripting language. The syntax of VBScript is very similar to that of Visual Basic.

2. Mention the environments where VBScript could run?

VBScript can be executed in the following three environments:

  • IIS (Internet Information Services)- It’s known as Microsoft's Web Server.
  • WSH (Windows Script Host)- The Windows Operating System's hosting environment.
  • IE (Internet Explorer)- It’s the most commonly used scripting environment and the most basic hosting environment.

3. What are the advantages of VBScript?

The following are some of the benefits of VBScript:

  • VBScript is a fast scripting language with a lightweight interpreter.
  • For the most part, VBScript is case insensitive. It has a straightforward syntax that is simple to learn and implement.
  • Unlike C++ or Java, VBScript is an object-based scripting language rather than an OOPS language.
  • It uses the Component Object Model (COM) to access the elements of the environment in which it is running.
  • Only in a Host Environment, such as Internet Explorer (IE), Internet Information Services (IIS), or Windows Scripting Host, can VBScript be successfully executed (WSH).

4. What are the disadvantages of VBScript?

The disadvantages of VBScript are as follows:

  • Only Internet Explorer browsers use VBscript. Other browsers, including Chrome and Firefox, DO NOT Encourage VBScript. As a result, JavaScript takes precedence over VBScript.
  • VBScript provides only limited command-line support.
  • Debugging is difficult because there is no development environment available by default.

5. Mention the rules to name variables in VBScript

There are specific rules for naming variables in VBScript, and you must use the keyword 'Dim.’  You should also keep the following points in mind.

  • The variable name must start with a letter.
  • The variable name cannot contain more than 255 characters.
  • A Variable should not include a period(.)

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6. Explain what loose binding is? And why is it not a good practice?

Variables can be used without being declared in VBScript, known as 'loose binding.' It is not a good practice because if you misspell the same variable again, VBScript will not notify you of the error.

7. Mention what variant is in VBScript?

A data type is a variant in VBScript. A Variant can hold either string or numeric data. When used in a string context, a Variant behaves like a string, and when used in a number context, it acts as a number.

8. Mention what VBScript Procedures are?

Sub Procedures and Function Procedures are the two types of procedures in the VBScript language.

  1. Sub is a procedure that contains a set of statements within a code block and does not return any value after execution.
  2. Function procedure includes a series of messages within a code block and may return a value after the performance. Depending on the circumstances, this can accept input.

9. What are the differences between Sub Procedures and Function Procedures?

The following are the distinctions:

Sub Function

Never take an inputMake it if necessary
Begin and end with the command SubBegin and end with the command Function
Never returns a valueMay return if necessary

10. Mention when to use Function procedures and what are its characteristics?

When you want to execute a series of statements and return a value, you use Function procedures. A few of the characteristics of Function Procedures are listed below:

  • The function procedures begin and end with The Goal and the Function Statements of the function
  • A function procedure can accept or reject the input.
  • Function procedures return a value by associating it with its name.
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11. Mention characteristics of Sub procedures?

  • If you wish to run a series of statements without producing any results, you can utilize Sub procedures.
  • Sub procedures begin with "Sub" and terminate with "End Sub."
  • Sub procedures can take arguments, but they can't return anything.
  • Sub procedures can accept or reject the input.

12.  In an HTML file, what is an ideal position to include VBScript?

The following is an ideal position for including VBScript in HTML:

  • Inside Head Section
  • Inside Body Section
  • Inside External File

13. Mention the rules for using Option Explicit statements?

Below are the rules used to follow when using Option Explicit:

  • The Option Explicit statement should come before any other words in a script. Otherwise, a non-trappable error occurs.
  • Undeclared variables are treated automatically as variants in modules where the Option Explicit statement is not declared.
  • All variables get reported using the Dim, Public, Private, or ReDim statements when Option Explicit gets defined.

14. Explain the scope of the variables using Dim, Public, and Private keywords, respectively.

  • Suppose the variable is declared inside the function using the Dim keyword. In that case, its scope is limited to the function level only, i.e., this variable cannot be accessed after the process ends.
  • If a variable is declared inside a function using the Private keyword, its scope is not limited to the function level alone but can be accessed anywhere in that script.
  • If the variable is declared using the Public keyword inside the function, its scope is not limited to the function level alone. Still, it accesses anywhere in that script and other scripts.

15. How many types of Operators are available in the VBScript language?

The VBScript language supports four different types of operators.

  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Concatenation Operators

16. Which loop is used in the case of arrays in the VBScript language?

In the case of arrays, the For Each Loop is used. This is only an extension of the For Loop. If you want to repeat the code for each index value in an array, you can use the 'For Each Loop' command.

17. What is event handling?

Clicking, pushing keys, moving the mouse, dragging and dropping, and other similar actions are called events. Even handling is a method of capturing these occurrences and carrying out the necessary actions.

18. What is the difference between Do Until Loop and Do While Loop?

Do While Loop examines the condition first and then executes the statements if it is true, whereas Do Until Loop executes the loop until the situation becomes false.

19. What are the two ways to pass a value to the Function?

There are two methods for passing a value to the function:

  1. Pass by Value: It is considered passing by value when arguments are provided, and any changes to the value of a variable in the Called procedure do not persist. ByVal is the keyword in this instance.
  2. Pass by Reference: It is considered passing by reference when arguments are provided, and any changes to the value of a variable in the Called procedure persist. In this case, the keyword is byRef.

20. Explain about scrrun.dll in VBScript?

Scrrun.dll is widely used in VB programming. The scripting Runtime library is critical to the Visual Basic script's operation. It has many more features, including text operations, file management, and file modification.

VBScript Interview Questions For Experience

Below are the VBScript interview questions asked in interviews for experienced candidates.

21. How Do I Implement VBScript?

You can utilize VB Script in the same way that JavaScript is used. Simply said, all code should be placed within these tags, as follows: SCRIPT LANGUAGE="VBScript"> /SCRIPT>

22. What are the Data Types supported by VBScript?

A Variant is the only data type in VBScript. Subtypes refer to the various types of information contained in a Variant. The subtypes are empty, Null, Boolean, Byte, Integer, Long Single, Double, Date/Time, Currency, String, Object, and Error.

23. What is a Dictionary object in VBScript? 

The Dictionary object stores name/value pairs (the key and item, respectively).

Write the following code in a notepad, save it as an a.vbs file, and then launch it from Command Prompt by inputting the file's name.

  • Dim Beers
  • CreateObject = Set Beers ("Scripting.Dictionary")
  • Beers.
  • Add "a" and "Strauss" Beers to the mix.
  • Beers "b" and "Kingfisher" are added.
  • Msgbox ("The value corresponding to the key 'b' is " & Beers. Add "c", "Budweiser" Msgbox ("The value corresponding to the key 'b' is " & Beers.
  • Item("b"))
  • The Dictionary object features several attributes, such as Count, Item, and CompareMode, and has several methods, such as Exists, Add, and Keys.

24. Compare JavaScript and VB Script?

The functionality of VB and JavaScript is very similar. They both interact with the page's document object model. Although many browsers support JavaScript, they do not support VB scripts. Developers using VB Script for client-side scripting should always ensure cross-browser compatibility, which is not always the case when dealing with VB script.

25. Is VBScript case-sensitive or case-insensitive?

The case is ignored when reading VBScript scripts because it is a case-insensitive programming language. As a result, myVar, MyVar, and MYvar are all synonyms for the same variable.

26. Can you access Cookies using VBScript?

VBScript can also use the cookie attribute of the Document object to manage cookies. The cookies that apply to the current web page can be read, created, modified, and deleted using JavaScript.

27. How to create a Cookie using VBScript?

Assigning a string value to the document is the most straightforward approach to creating a cookie. This is a cookie object.


Document. cookie = "key1 = value1; key2 = value2; expires = date"; 

If you specify a valid date or time for this attribute, the cookie will expire on that date or time, and the value of the cookie will no longer be available.

28. How to read a Cookie using VBScript?

Because the document's value is the same, reading a cookie is just as simple as writing one. The cookie is the cookie object. As a result, you can use this string to access the cookie at any time.

A list of name=value pairs separated by semicolons will be kept in the document. Cookiemost exact string, where name is the name of a cookie and value is its string value.

The split() function can separate a string into keys and values.

29. How to delete a cookie using VBScript?

Occasionally, you'll wish to erase a cookie so that further efforts to read it will fail. To do so, simply change the expiration date to a date in the past.

30. How are values assigned to String type and Numeric type variables?

If the variable to which value is to be assigned is of the String type, double quotes (" ") can be used, but if the variable to which value is to be allocated is of the Numeric type, no double quotes are required.

31. How can constants be declared in the VBScript language?

Constants are named memory regions in a program that does not change their values during execution. The keyword 'Const' declares Constants in the VBScript language.

32. Which constant is used for print and display functions and works as same as pressing Enter key?

The print and show functions of vbCrLf describe a carriage return with line feed character with values of Chr(13) and Chr(14) (10). This works in the same way as tapping the Enter key does. 

33. Which conditional statement is the most convenient one to use in the case of multiple conditions in the VBScript language?

In the VBScript language, the 'Select Case' statement is the handiest to utilize when dealing with several circumstances since it allows you to get right to the specific case without having to go through each condition one by one.

34. What are the two ways a variable can be declared in the VBScript language?

There are two ways to declare a variable:

  1. Implicit Declaration: Implicit Declaration occurs when variables are used directly without declaration. However, this is not a good practice because if the variable name is not spelled correctly in the script, it can produce incorrect results while running and, in some cases, will be difficult to detect by the user.
  2. Explicit Declaration: Declaring variables before using them is a clear declaration.

35. What is the difference between For Loop and While Loop?

  • Unlike While Loop, For Loop is used to know exactly how many times the loop (i.e., for I = start to end) needs to be executed.
  • When loops go to the next keyword in VBScript, the counter is automatically incremented by one if the step keyword is not specified, however in 'While Loop,' the counter condition must be specified explicitly inside the brackets.

Tips to clear a VBScript Interview

Follow these steps to prepare for a VBScript interview:

  • Emphasis on the basics of VBScript.
  • Be concise when explaining the basic concepts of VBScript.
  • Explain an exciting problem you solved in VBScript
  • Tell a story about your last project and how different it was from others.
  • Make a plan about how you should answer its advantages and disadvantages with your work experience.
  • Explain the challenge you faced when removing an array
  • Do not miss the flow when explaining its functions and procedures
  • Explain its variables and how it handles data during script execution
  • Explain the difference between scripting language and programming language.


This concludes our blog. We hope the above VBScript interview questions and answers will assist you in obtaining your desired position. 

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